10 December 2008

December Products 4 U, 2nd edition

Instrument driver

A new instrument driver gives users of the NI LabVIEW graphical system design platform the ability to interface with environmental monitoring sensors that communicate via SDI-12, a serial-based communication protocol optimized for battery-powered intelligent sensors. With NI LabVIEW SDI-12 Application Programming Interface (API) software, researchers, engineers, and scientists can easily acquire measurements such as turbidity, dissolved oxygen, tank level, soil pH, conductivity, and other critical environmental sensor measurements. The SDI-12 protocol makes it possible to communicate with a wide variety of sensors and recorders that are most commonly used in environmental data acquisition applications.

National Instruments


The CLICK PLC is the first in a new generation of inexpensive PLC components designed to offer practical features in an easy-to-use, compact yet expandable design. Starting at $69, this line of micro brick PLCs with stackable I/O modules and free programming software is suitable for first time users as well as experienced programmers. By itself, a powered CLICK CPU unit can function as a complete PLC system. The unit features eight inputs and six outputs, available in four combinations of built-in I/O types. For expansion, 11 option modules, starting at $33, are available for flexible system configuration, up to 142 I/O. All Click CPUs support 8K steps of Flash EEPROM program memory and 8K words of data memory.



Pressure sensor

The PFP350 Pressure Sensor with an USB output option is now available. The company has been working on the USB technology since the 2nd quarter of 2008 as the demand for USB Output has increased. Utilizing metal foil strain gage technology, the PFP350 is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel, weighs 5.5 oz, has mV/V output as a standard, and ranges from 300 - 10,000 psig. This PFP350 is designed and manufactured in U.S. Product highlights include: Metal foil strain gauge technology, 17-4 stainless steel construction, weight: 5.5 oz, and unamplified out mV range.



The Model 7500 HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) is a viscometer for testing drilling and completion fluids, in accordance with API and ISO standards, at pressures and temperatures up to 30,000 psi / 207 MPa and 600°F / 316°C. The unit's compact size and lightweight design are as remarkable as the superb performance it offers. Its shear rate accuracy and magnetically coupled optically encoded torque measurement enable sensitive, precise viscosity measurement in spite of harsh temperatures and pressures.  The Model 7500's patent-pending design boasts an extremely small, 25 inch wide footprint and a plug and sample cup assembly that weighs only about 12 pounds / 5.4 kg.

Chandler Engineering

Efficiency tools

A series of development and migration toolkits now available are designed to help manufacturers reduce engineering time, ease troubleshooting, and improve system performance and reliability. The tools include: Accelerator Toolkits and small control system building blocks to reduce design and engineering time; process control system faceplates, utilities, libraries and reference materials; Reference Architectures to provide guidelines for manufacturing convergence; and migration tools to assist in updating outdated or obsolete control systems from other providers. Accelerator Toolkits provide system design, programming, and diagnostic tools and templates to help customers dramatically reduce design and deployment of their control systems.

Rockwell Automation

Humidity/temperature instruments

The HygroPalm2 series represents a new generation of portable humidity/temperature instruments utilizing the very latest AIRCHIP3000 technology achieving a degree of accuracy not seen before. The HygroPalm is a highly accurate hand-held indicator that displays relative humidity, temperature, and dew point.   The HygroPalm 2-series provides high precision and state of the art functionality, taking humidity and temperature measurement to a whole new level of performance and reliability ±0.8%RH and ±0.1°C.  The HygroPalm2-series (with integrated or interchangeable probes) is ideal for all applications where exact measurement of humidity and temperature is of decisive importance. 


Digital positioner

The VAC D400 digital positioner is available in what is referred to as a "fail freeze" operation-and in all protocols-Hart-Foundation Fieldbus-Profibus.  This means on loss of signal (failure), the unit will "freeze" the actuator/valve/damper in the last known input signal.  If for example the unit fails and is at 8 mA input, the package will be locked at 25% open (assuming this is an increasing signal to open application).  Normal positioner operation would be on loss of signal for the positioner to return to its "zero" position, probably driving the valve/damper open or closed.  This feature is for loss of signal only.  Loss of air would be a different application issue.

Valve Accessories & Controls


Two MultiLEDs are targeted at high resolution video display applications that require high brightness and high color fidelity from all viewing angles.  The jet black package version with a higher contrast level and depth of color is ideal for indoor applications that are exposed to a wide dynamic range of ambient lighting, such as at a rock concert where the lighting can change quickly from ultra dark to the blinding flash of spotlights. The MultiLED with black packaging offers particularly impressive contrast in video displays with a typical luminance of 2,000 cd/m² and a pixel spacing of 5 to 7 mm. The white point for the new MultiLED in the white package is at 2,000 mcd.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors