December 2008

Energy, environmental, and security policies are one

Two U.S. lawmakers asked Congress to address all U.S. energy production aspects declaring, "We no longer can ignore the fact that energy policy is intertwined with security policy."

Thomas Davis III of Virginia and Darrel Issa of California added, "We can't keep pumping money into the economies of countries dedicated to opposing our interests.

"For that matter, we can't keep sending billions of dollars overseas every year when we have the means, the technology, and the raw materials to alleviate much of our dependence on foreign energy right here at home."

The two authored a paper as part of their work on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

The Oil and Gas Journal reported this affirms that U.S. energy security and global environmental challenges are not separate issues, and Congress cannot effectively address them as such.

The report by the committee's minority staff also said an energy and environmental policy that fails to account for competitiveness concerns will cause the U.S. manufacturing base to shift more American jobs overseas and could actually increase carbon emissions.

The report warned "U.S. consumers, workers, and industry will pay the price for the federal government's shortsightedness" if high energy prices force US companies to relocate "due to policymakers' failure to take actions to produce more oil and gas and encourage needed investment in new efficient technologies and new energy resources that increase the energy supply."