December 2008


OMAC pursues product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software is changing the way manufacturers design, build, and support products. Software applications have seen use to aid in the design, build, and support of products. PLM software is providing software infrastructure to tie these applications together so information can flow efficiently and seamlessly through the applications in the design, build, and support process. PLM is seeing use in automotive and aerospace industries, where a product is made up of parts that need assembly.

Manufacturers of consumer products can use PLM software technology to help design, build, and support the machines that manufacture these products. They are trying to figure out how to best leverage PLM. OMAC and its members are working on establishing a PLM working group to address issues manufacturers are facing when trying to use PLM for manufacturing equipment applications. 

For PLM to work best, you need seamless integration between multiple design views, such as mechanical, electrical, fluid power, and software.

OMAC and ARC are sponsoring a roundtable discussion on PLM at the ARC Forum in Orlando, Fla., 3 February 2009,  for input from manufacturers on the PLM needs in manufacturing equipment applications.  

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