1 August 2008

August Products 4 U

Micro-graphic panels

The C-more Micro-Graphic panel line now includes six-inch display models. The new touch style graphic/text panels offer a 320x240 pixel graphical display that supports bitmap files. Used in a horizontal orientation, the 6-inch C-more micro supports 40 lines by 80 characters of static text; 53 lines by 60 characters are supported in vertical orientation. Two optional keypad bezels are available for either horizontal or vertical panel mounting. The C-more 6" panels are priced at $299. The free panel configuration software features a built-in project simulator.



Switchboard meters

The back-lit switchboard meters are 4 ¼" and available with either a white or red scale and accept inputs of DCV, DCA, ACV or ACA. The long-lasting LED illumination eliminates the need for frequent replacement of incandescent lamps. Various DC back-light voltages are available. This series of meters complements the broad line of switchboard and panel meters, power monitoring instruments and portable test instruments available from Yokogawa.

Yokogawa Corporation of America



Sealless, non-metallic pumps

The Composite Mag Drive (CMD) is a series of sealless, non-metallic pumps specially designed for crucial liquid containment applications, including corrosive chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, and flammable liquids. Due to the CMD's engineered-fluoropolymer and ceramic-wetted material design and construction, the series of pumps can handle the entire pH range and offers advanced durability, broader compatibility, and corrosion resistance. The CMD series offers: 100% renewable performance with use of Viking's recommended spare parts kit; a magnet system with a patent-pending spline design that allows the magnet to self-align while floating on the shaft with no added fasteners; and self-lubricating, heavy-duty bearings with patent-bearing geometry that allow dry-run capabilities.

Viking Pump


Industrial accelerometer

The 780A industrial accelerometer is narrow, low-profile, and lightweight, making it ideal for walk-around collection of vibration monitoring data. The 780A is a full performance, 100 mV/g general purpose vibration sensor with a tight +5% tolerance and a broad 3dB frequency response from 0.4 Hz to 14 kHz. It was designed with a standard 2-pin, MIL-C-5015 connector so it is compatible with the existing cabling infrastructure and fits the same connector used on the majority of industrial accelerometers.  The 780A accelerometer is ideal for route-based data collection because it is small and lightweight for easy handling.

Wilcoxon Research, Inc.


Rotary level indicators

The Maxima+ Series of genuine fail-safe rotary level indicators offer the ability to continuously self-diagnose and, in the event of failure, give an immediate warning with an instantaneous corrective response. The Maxima+ series was designed for integration into process control systems, with reliable, super-smart circuitry that allows both materials level monitoring and automatic control of the process system. The supervisory circuit of the Maxima+ sends a signal to an external LED, which indicates the sensor's status, giving a quick visual monitoring of paddle rotation, covered condition or fault condition. A pulse status relay is also provided for remote status monitoring.



Volume chamber

The Magnum Low Pro volume chamber M-80 offers a range from near absolute 30"Hg to 80psi with a very high resolution 0.0005psi. The most common aspect to the family of Magnum Pro instruments is they have earned a reputation for being "virtually indestructible." The M-80's other major design advantage is it is the only volume chamber to use a patented power drive system to rapidly span the range.  This gives the user the ability to reach its target pressure in seconds vs. minutes.

East Hills Instruments