26 August 2008

August Products 4 U, 3rd edition

Explosion-proof differential pressure switches

The new line of 220 / 240 explosion-proof, differential indicating switches are extremely light-weight and ruggedly compact. The 220 / 240 differential indicating switches are CSA, UL and ATEX certified. As a condition of continuing certification, Mid-West Instrument is subject to un-announced audits by all certifying bodies. This applies to the entire assembly as mandated by the applicable hazardous locations standards. Benefits of the 220 / 240 switches include: compact, lightweight aluminum (or 316/316L), weather resistant, 4 ½" gauge front, ATEX Ex d IIB+H2 ExII 2GD IP65 classification, and over range protection and a five year warranty.                                                                 

Mid-West Instrument, www.midwestinstrument.com


Process knowledge system

An enhanced version of the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) allows plant operators to carefully coordinate process control, safety shutdown, and fire and gas mitigation steps. In addition to the unique safety instrumented system (SIS) integration, Experion helps improve plant operations through embedded simulation capabilities used for comprehensive operator training and control, display and procedure validation. The system introduces new integrated batch functionality that can significantly increase production as well as reliability for chemical and life sciences companies.

Honeywell International, www.honeywell.com/ps  

FieldPoint controllers

Three new Compact FieldPoint controllers deliver increased performance, higher processor speed, and significantly improved Ethernet throughput. The NI cFP-2220, cFP-2210 and cFP-2200 controllers include a 400 MHz PowerPC processor and Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) for greater processing power and faster data analysis. The cFP-2200 features up to 128 MB of SDRAM and onboard storage, and the cFP-2210 delivers up to 256 MB of SDRAM and up to 128 MB of onboard storage. The cFP-2220 has dual Ethernet ports for connectivity to enterprise and dedicated I/O networks, as well as three RS232 ports and one RS485 port for serial devices.

National Instruments, www.ni.com/compactfieldpoint

Valvcon ADC low temperature electric actuators

Valvcon ADC Low Temperature Actuators offer the proven torque and reliability of the Valvcon ADC platform combined with ultra low current draw electronics and battery back-up capability for power loss situations. They are ideal for remote solar powered installations and are also well suited for on/off duty and proportional applications where extreme cold temperatures exist. These rugged, compact, quarter-turn electric actuators have been designed for use in the coldest and most remote environments. Their operating temperature range extends down to -40°F without the need for an internal heater.

Metso Automation, www.metsoautomation.com

Power over Ethernet industrial Ethernet switches

The Lanolinx Industrial Ethernet Switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector Function (LNP-500A) is a five port Industrial Ethernet switch with four PoE ports.  The LNP-500A features, DIN Rail mounting ability, metal housing, redundant 12VDC to 48VDC input, and relay for local alarm. The LNP-500A is also available in an Extended Operating Temperature version (LNP-500A-T).  The extended operating temperature model allows functionality while under the temperature range between -40° ~ 80°C (-40° ~ 176°F).

Aaxeon Technologies, Inc., www.aaxeon.com

Polymer detector system

The Viscotek Model 350 High Temperature GPC (HT-GPC) is an advanced detector system designed for the characterization of polyolefins and other synthetic polymers that are soluble only at elevated temperatures. The Model 350 HT-GPC system provides absolute molecular weight without extrapolation or correction, molecular size (Rg and Rh to less than 1 nm) and intrinsic viscosity, as well as information on branching, structure, and aggregation in a single GPC/SEC experiment. The system may also be configured with an Infrared (IR) Detector for short-chain branching analysis or a UV/VIS detector for copolymer compositional analysis.

Viscotek, www.viscotek.com