6 August 2008

August Products 4 U, 2nd edition

Configurable signal conditioners

The MANN SERIES for processing analog signals ranges from simple dedicated units to complex microprocessor-controlled devices that can be used with almost all signal types and measurement sensors. The products offer a variety of integrated functions including timing delays, adjustable threshold values, and a programmable linearization function. The MANN SERIES includes signal isolators and transmitters, process alarms, multi-channel processing modules, indicators and configurable displays, counters/totalizers, and calibration devices. The data stored in the modules is accessed through either passwords or a secure cable-link, providing for added security.




Cable assemblies

The cable assembly product line Endurance includes assemblies for vision system applications. These rugged assemblies provide ultra-reliable interconnectivity in motion and vision system applications. Endurance products for vision system applications include CCXC Analog Video, MVC-800 FireWire, GEV-1000 GigE Vision and Camera Link cable assemblies.  Endurance CCXC Analog Video cable assemblies meet industry standards for analog CCD (charge-couple device) cameras and are RoHS-compliant. The cable has surpassed 15 million flex cycles of testing.  Endurance MVC-800 FireWire cable assemblies are available in standard length of 4.5 meters/14.8 feet and extended distance/extended life (type MVC-800EL) as long as 7 meters/23 feet.



Wireless Thermocouple, RTD Transmitters

The series of wireless temperature transmitters feature a NEMA 4X enclosure that is perfect for industrial applications that involve falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, or hose-directed water. Each thermocouple model can be programmed by the user to work as a type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C or N transmitter. RTD models are factory programmed for PT100 sensors. Free PC software allows the product to measure and transmit process temperature, ambient temperature, RF signal strength and battery condition in real time.

OMEGA Engineering


Ultrasonic flowmeter

The Innova-Sonic In-Line is targeted to customers as an alternative choice for typical liquid Mag-Meter applications where high performance and affordable pricing are important. The +/- 0.5% of reading accuracy is as good as any typical magnetic flowmeter, but the ability to measure down to zero flow and virtually any clean liquid regardless of conductivity sets Innova-Sonic In-Line apart.  PicoFly allows ultrasonic transit time-of-flight to be measured in picoseconds 10 -12 (one trillionth of a second).  The result is excellent resolution that enables extreme low flow detection.  

Sierra Instruments


Bus terminal

The KL2791 Bus Terminal for single-phase AC motor speed control enables direct connection of small, 1 A, single-phase motors rated 120 V, 60 Hz. By using the KL2791 terminal, the energy use of capacitor, universal, and shaded-pole motors can be greatly reduced. This technique is particularly suitable for drives with quadratic load characteristics such as fans and pumps. The speed controller is extremely compact and is in a standard Bus Terminal housing with a width of just 12 mm. The KL2791 Bus Terminal can be used in any of the numerous fieldbus networks supported by the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system.

Beckhoff Automation


Safety manager

An updated version of Safety Manager, the company's safety instrumented system (SIS) platform, takes a unique approach to balancing the integration of process controls with critical safety systems. The latest version, integrated with Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), allows safety and process controllers to directly communicate with each other without depending on intermediate interfaces such as PCs, without compromising operations security or data integrity. The system can provide plant-wide SIS point data, diagnostics and system information, as well as alarms and events, operator displays and sequence of event information to any Experion station located in a plant.

Honeywell International


Toxic gas analyzer

The Series 900 Toxic Gas Analyzer is a highly selective and precise analytical instrument engineered for quantifying trace amounts of toxic gases in industrial gas applications. Any gas species with potential to be derivatized can be determined by the Series 900 Toxic Gas Analyzer; e.g.: HF, NH3, HONO, HCl, SO2, H2S, HCHO and aldehydes, etc. The analyzer is not only able to determine trace level toxic gases in air, but also to quantify the ppb/ppm level impurities in industrial processing and electronic gases, such as N2, N2O, NF3, CxHy, etc. Custom applications based upon the customer's specific needs are available for evaluation upon request.

GOW-MAC Instrument Co.