August 2008


Symposium focuses on integration, interoperation

The second annual OMAC Technical Symposium will be 3-4 December 2008 at the Partners in THINC Facility in Charlotte, N.C. Partners in THINC is a group of innovative thinkers from companies representing all facets of the industry to identify the best manufacturing solutions for users. The sponsoring company is Okuma Corporation, a global developer of computer numeric controls and machining technology originating out of Nagoya, Japan. 

The symposium, hosted by Okuma America, will focus on the advancement of machine automation and control through emerging technology. Presentations will cover innovations in packaging, robotics, emerging technology, plug-and-play, MES, and production lifecycle management.

The event's theme is total system evolution and embraces all industries vital to the advancement and improvement of processes, business functions, and ultimately OMAC's ability to meet users' changing needs.

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