1 April 2008

April Products 4 U

Weight controllers

Only three inches deep, the HI 4050 general-purpose weight controller is now available with Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (RIO) network communications. Allen-Bradley RIO is a high-level network used to communicate with Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) Programmable Logic Controllers. The HI 4050 weight controller includes WAVERSAVER to eliminate the effects of surrounding vibration for fast, stable weight display, C2 electronic calibration without test weights, a Secure Digital based Secure Memory Module card for fast transfer of configuration data, and INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Hardy Instruments



Thermal limit monitor

A custom version of its TLM-8 thermal limit monitor supports applications that have a need for higher accuracy temperature limits or specific limit settings not otherwise available. This version of the TLM-8 is a perfect fit for application in industries such as packaging, plastics injection molding and extrusion, and semiconductor requiring SEMI S2. The TLM-8 is a compact, cost-effective solution for multi-channel, redundant monitoring. For thermal system safety, the TLM-8 can satisfy the requirement for independent temperature monitoring.



Embedded PC

The CX1030 Embedded PC is DIN rail mounted and equipped with a 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium M processor. The CX1030 CPU is cooled by a passive cooling module and an easily exchangeable fan cartridge located on the underside of the housing. In addition to the CPU and the chipset, the CX1030 module contains 256 MB DDR RAM (standard), which is expandable to 512 MB or 1 GB. Operating without the use of a hard drive, embedded PCs boot from Compact Flash. The Compact Flash cards are available in 64 MB as well as 1-, 2- and 4 GB. The basic configuration of the CX1030 includes a removable 64 MB Compact Flash card and two Ethernet RJ 45 interfaces.

Beckhoff Automation


Power measurement module

The 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module integrates comprehensive monitoring of a power supply network with the connectivity of an I/O system. At just 12 mm wide, the high-density, 6-channel 750-493 represents a cost- and space-effective solution to power system supply management. It is compatible with 16 different fieldbus networks (including Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, and DeviceNet) and the 300+ digital, analog, and special function modules found in the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, making it flexible and efficient to analyze and distribute power supply data.



Production output

The majority of continuous food ovens have untapped potential to increase contributions to company profits from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per shift by applying Ultramax software.  Ultramax Advanced Process Management software gains more productivity from existing equipment and extends useful life. It bridges the gap between current operations and getting the most performance from existing equipment and processes. The technology enables the user to do optimization-on-the-go, while production is running. Ultramax automatically balances the achievement of all performance metrics you desire including safety, reliability, costs, quality, requirements, yield, efficiency, throughput, environmental impact, regulations, and revenues.

ULTRAMAX Corporation


Differential pressure transmitter

The Model 220 provides a simple, low cost Loop Powered 828 VDC two wire 4-20mA Transmitter option using the same CSA, UL & ATEX rated sensor and explosion-proof housing used on the Model 220 with switches. Wiring access is through a ½" NPT port. Accuracy is ±2% from 20% to 100% of full scale.  Indicator accuracy is ±2% and is independent of the transmitter. The Model 220 piston operated unit has pressure containing elements of aluminum or 316 S.S. with 316 S.S. and ceramic terminals.

Mid-West Instrument