April 2008

Fossil power committee needs you

ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standards is looking for a few good members. The committee develops instrumentation standards for use in fossil power plants. Specific subcommittees will be developing and modifying standards on simulating controls and processes, instrument piping installation, and tracking controlling.


The simulation committee covers full emulation of controls and process, and the industry has gone into hybrid systems simulation. "We want to modify the existing standard to account for hybrid designs for simulation, in this case for utility power plants," said Dan Lee, senior consulting engineer at ABB in Wickliffe, Ohio, and managing director of the ISA77 committee.

"Now the standard involves one big computer for both the process and controls portion and the model," Lee said. "And with the hybrid system you are able to model the process with a PC and connect it up to a DCS so they can use the actual control application software instead of emulating the whole thing."

Instrument piping installation

In any process, you need instrumentation connected to the process, and this standard talks about how to do piping and connections to the process, such as fittings, tooth cutting, and threads. Those working at architectural engineering firms might be interested in joining this committee since they usually design green plants.

"When they hook up a pressure transmitter to a pipe, they'll need to know how to do it right," Lee said. The instrument piping installation standards summarizes the power application, mechanical design, and how and where instrumentation should be located in terms of the process. The standard is up for reaffirmation, and the subcommittee is looking for a chairman.

Tracking, controlling

ISA Technical Report (TR) 77.70.01 covers tracking and controlling instrument documentation in fossil power plants. The purpose is to provide advice and guidance in the development of methods to address the common issue of tracking, troubleshooting, and reporting instrument and control (I & C) equipment data in a standard format and timely manner in fossil-fired power plants.

"You have all these instruments out the in plant, like a maintenance management system, you need to know when they were last calibrated and where the calibration information is, and the purpose of this TR is to explain how to manage this and the documentation of it so the I&C engineers and technicians can find documentation," Lee said.
The technical report provides guidance in the design and application of a method for instrument tracking and documentation control that is adaptable for use by multiple plants and is compatible with many plant site-distributed control systems.

The report addresses methods to develop a user-friendly interface to allow the instrument technicians and electricians to easily access instrument & control drawing information (loop, electrical, and connection), as well as cable schedules, piping instrument documents, and work practice procedures.

This technical report addresses methods to link to a document management system, as well as a work and asset management system. These links eliminate the time it would take to manually search for plant drawings, manuals, or critical documents. Included are convenient access to daily maintenance, calibrations, state certifications, audit schedules and options for detailed reports.

Anyone interested in joining this committee or any subcommittees should contact the chairs at www.isa.org/standards.