1 November 2005

ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Program

These questions are from the CAP study guide, Performance Domain III, System Design.

Definition: Design, specify, and procure the hardware/software used in the system.

CAP questions

1. How is PID defined in the phrase "PID control loop?"

A. Proportional Instrument Device

B. Piping Instrumentation Diagram

C. Percentage Integration Delta

D. Proportional Integral Derivative

2. P&ID is an acronym for which of the following?

A. Process and Instruction Document

B. Process and Instrument Diagram

C. Piping and Instrument Diagram

D. Piping and Installation Drawing

CAP answers

1. D, Proportional Integral Derivative

The PID term as described refers to the loop control technique used in controllers. Proportional Integral Derivative is the correct term as referenced. A PID Control Loop includes proportional, integral, and derivative functions to control the process.

Reference: Erickson and Hedrick, Plantwide Process Control, Wiley, 1999.

2. C: P&ID is a widely used acronym for Piping and Instrument Diagram.

Reference: Fleming, S88 Implementation Guide, McGraw-Hill, 1999.

Nicholas Sheble edits the Certification department. For information about the CAP program, go to www.isa.org/cap.