There are many ways to advance your career and make a name for yourself among the great minds of industry—and getting published is a great place to start. As a professional society, ISA's greatest mission is to serve as a repository and outreach vehicle for the highest quality technical information, vetted and reviewed by you—the automation professional. We invite you to consider the ways you can contribute to ISA's renowned collection of technical articles, papers, books, and other content.

Volunteers: Raise Your Hand as a Potential ISA Content Contributor

We need you! Gain visibility in relevant industries by showcasing your knowledge and expertise on the ISA blog or elsewhere. We're seeking new contributors in several emerging priority topic areas. Visit for details.

Write an Article for InTech Magazine

InTech magazine is the only magazine in the world of automation that is written by automation professionals, for automation professionals. Real-world, relevant, timely topics are covered in each issue, and stories are based on applications that readers can use in their jobs—not just theories that look good on paper. InTech's editorial staff is always hard at work developing the feature stories for the next issue, but they want to hear from you about the stories and articles that would help you most—and, they'd love to consider your story for publication, too!

If you have an idea for a new article focused on breaking news, existing technologies, emerging technologies, or everyday issues that automation professionals are facing, submit an idea to If you'd like to be considered to write the story, please indicate that in your email.

Contribute to ISA Transactions: The Journal of Automation

ISA's bi-monthly journal on the science and engineering of measurement and automation is an archival, refereed journal, upholding the highest standards of professional quality. ISA encourages professionals to submit papers on the science and engineering of measurement and automation, covering advances in measurement (sensors, instruments, signal processing, data management, data analysis, etc.) and automation (control, scheduling, process management, optimization, etc.) Each manuscript will be reviewed by members of the industrial and academic communities, establishing credibility and stature for published work. Read more about ISA Transactions' author guidelines and review processes to get started on your submission.

Write or Review an ISA Book

It is often a professional's greatest dream to write a book about a topic that resonates with their experience and knowledge. ISA can work with you to make that dream come true—and it starts with generating a great idea for a publication that is new, fresh, and relevant to the world of automation.

Learn more about how you can get involved in ISA's book publishing: