• Section Government


    The Section must have Bylaws. They should be modeled after the sample bylaws and should not conflict with the Society's Bylaws. A copy must be filed with the Member Services Department at ISA at time of charter.


    Sections should have elected as well as appointed officers to manage the operations of the Section. Each Section's Bylaws will indicate the elected and appointed officer titles.

    The responsibilities of Student Sections officers are:


    The President is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the activities of the Section. Specific responsibilities include:

    • working with fellow officers and committees to plan and accomplish the year's activities
    • organizing the Section's efforts by implementing the structure and delegating the duties established in the Bylaws
    • ensuring that all offices are filled and that all officers carry out their duties
    • stimulating participation among the members and emphasizing the development of members for future leadership positions
    • making special assignments
    • co-signing with the Secretary/Treasurer legal notices, documents and checks issued by the Section
    • enforcing the Section and Society Bylaws
    • informing the District Vice President of the Section's activities and filing an Annual Report by June 1.


    The President-elect assists the President with many of the functions outlined above. It is important that the President and President-elect work together and select responsibilities for the President-elect which will lighten the workload of the President and prepare the elect for the role of President. In the event of the President's inability to serve, the President-elect assumes the President's duties.


    The Secretary/Treasurer is primarily a record keeper. In a large Student Section, it may be necessary to separate this position into a Secretary and Treasurer.

    The duties are:

    • maintain a minutes notebook of all approved minutes, complete with attachments
    • handle correspondence and keep appropriate files
    • maintain financial records and provide a financial report at each Section meeting
    • work with the officers and Advisor to prepare and annual budget
    • remind the President to appoint an audit committee. The committee should have at least 3 members. The committee will review the accounts and verify that disbursements and receipts are properly accounted.

    Executive Council

    This committee consist of the elected officers, the Section President, President-elect, and Secretary/Treasurer. The Section's Executive Council conducts Section business and plans the annual schedule of events.