The Student Section Advisor working with the students should be sure to schedule a planning meeting early enough to allow sufficient time to mail out announcements for the meeting. The group should:

  • Obtain a speaker. (Local ISA members may be asked to speak on the field of instrumentation or the benefits of Society membership)
  • Prepare the agenda for the meeting.
  • Review and add to the potential member list.
  • Publicize the meeting. (Local papers, companies, etc.)
  • Prepare notice of meeting and mail to first meeting attendees and potential members.
  • Follow-up with personal calls.
  • Obtain additional promotional materials and membership applications if needed.
  • Prepare plan for enrolling new members.
  • Prepare plan for obtaining new list of potential members

Suggested Agenda

  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
  2. Report of membership activity:
        Total new members
        Introduction of attendee
  3. Discussion of organizational plans: 
        Advantages of ISA Student Section membership
        Question and answer period
        Name of Section (The name of the Section should be easily identified, preferably by school affiliation.)
  4. Speaker's Program
  5. Closing: Announce date, time and location of next meeting; encourage members to continue their recruitment programs