The Student Section Advisor, working with several interested students, should plan the Section organizational meeting. This group should:

  • Schedule the date and site for the first organizational meeting
  • Appoint a Membership Chairman
  • Plan the program for the organizational meeting - Arrange for the District Vice President to speak on the benefits of ISA membership.
  • Prepare and mail the meeting notice - Include a copy of the Society student membership brochure with the invitation.
  • Contact the prospective members
  • Arrange for ISA display materials
  • Keep the staff representative informed on the Section's progress

Suggested Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. State purpose of meeting
  3. Introduction of attendees
  4. Introduction of speaker (District Vice President)
  5. General Information providing discussion
  6. ISA Video or Technical Speaker
  7. Closing Summary : Advantages of ISA membership; Date, time and location of next meeting; encourage attendees to publicize formation of Section 

Materials required: name badges, registration forms, prospect list form, membership application forms, ISA membership brochures, receipt pad (for those paying in cash).