Program Committee

The Program Committee assures that programs are arranged that will meet the needs of the members.

  • Technical programs are an important aspect of Student Section Activities. Local major instrument companies and/or their sales representatives are a good source for speakers. Another source is the Engineering or Instrumentation Department of a local plant.
  • Self-taught Seminars providing supplementary materials related to course work.
  • Career Night with speakers from different industries and technologies.
  • Social Events that might include an annual banquet\, dinner dance or picnic.

Arrangements and Hospitality Committee

This may be a sub-committee to the Program committee responsible for securing a suitable meeting site and overseeing the arrangements the night of the meeting.

A member of this committee should be responsible for:

  • Opening and setting up the facility
  • Knowing the location of light switches, electrical outlets, drinking fountains and lavatory facilities
  • Access to all meeting equipment, including extra chairs, chalk board, lecterns, etc.
  • Arranging audio visual equipment
  • Verifying that the facility is left in good condition
  • Overseeing the serving of refreshments and cleanup

Membership Committee

This committee has two main functions:

  • Recruiting and retaining members and
  • Reviewing and keeping membership records current. 

Finance Committee

This committee works directly with the Treasurer in evaluating the financial needs of the Section and recommending a budget for the year. The Finance Committee should review all sources of income, including projected membership dues refunds and student activities fees provided by the school. If necessary, the Finance Committee should plan and implement fund raising projects.

Publicity Committee

There are a variety of ways Student Section events may be publicized:

  • Meeting notices on campus bulletin boards, social media channels, and website
  • News releases sent to campus and local newspapers
  • Radio and television, particularly campus stations and cable TV