The local ISA Section's interest and involvement will be beneficial to both the Regular Section and the Student Section. A member of the local Section designated as the Student Section Liaison may work with the Student Section and the Student Section Advisor.

Programming Assistance

Local Sections can assist in a variety of programming that might include:

  • Equipment demonstrations
  • Plant tours
  • Participation in panel discussions
  • Participation in "Careers Night"

Industry Contact

Regular Section activities provide opportunities for students to meet and talk with professionals in measurement and control.

Section Activities

In addition to the opportunities afforded the student by attending the regular Section's monthly meeting, participation at plant tours and Section exhibits will enhance the student's understanding and appreciation of the measurement and control profession.

Section Newsletter

A monthly ISA Section Newsletter can provide space for Student Section Activities.

Financial Assistance

A local ISA Section can assist a Student Section in a variety of ways:

  • Grants for special projects
  • Travel funds to attend District Workshops
  • Scholarship funds
  • Contracts for services by the Student Section at the Section exhibit


A Student Section can act as a repository for books and videos on measurement and control. The District or Section can purchase materials which are kept at a cooperating school for use by its students, for loan to Sections within the District or for use by Section members.