Universities and Community Colleges 

A few universities and many community colleges have automation or process control programs that must be supported with appropriate materials for their students to enter the field at the top of their abilities. These same institutions have a responsibility to help launch their graduates with access to good jobs.

University and college administrators want to have the best for their students but they are faced with shrinking budgets for literature and even funding for faculty and buildings to house the teaching staff and information resources such as journals.

Colleges and universities can use the ISA web site to heavily support their own automation programs. Many of the top automation experts have white papers or other information on the site, giving students an invaluable access to the best current thinking and research in automation from across the globe.  The colleges and universities can save limited literature funds by using the web site as a student research resource. ISA provides mentorship to students who become involved. ISA publications provide an excellent source of textbooks from beginning texts on the basics of control and automation to detailed tutorials and self-paced training, to detailed textbooks on automation subjects including cyber security.

While the ISA web site is very useful during students' years of study, the site can also help them successfully "launch" into the ever-changing, exciting automation world. Students can find local and national networking opportunities where they can meet their more experienced colleagues and jobs. In effect, the ISA web site can help colleges and universities economically prepare their students for successful lives in automation.