If you are a technician working at the plant level to operate and maintain systems, then the ISA web site can help you as you face your challenges.

Technicians can be challenged with limited or less than perfect training.  They face a loss of corporate knowledge as experienced technicians retire taking corporate history and knowledge with them out the door. Plant technicians may have to know everything from programming to wiring, instrument configuration through calibration, yet they are often not allowed to attend off-site training due to time and financial restraints. Often, technicians are expected to keep aging plants working and even producing more than their original design specs called for.

On the ISA web site, you can find the books, articles, third-party non-commercial white papers, and webinars you need to keep up with the changing world of automation. The ISA web site can be a strong source of training for technicians like you. Training is available on your schedule, with information from off-site, with experts who are leaders in the field.  As a technician, you can get certification (the ISA Certified Control System Technician® or CCST® certification) and learn about all kinds of systems to stay current.

You'll find the networking tools to help you get ahead and find job opportunities you might miss otherwise, from online discussion to local meetings in your area, right here at