The Scholarship Committee, a part of the ISA Educational Foundation, reviews all submittals to the Foundation and identifies scholarship recipients. These named awards are among the funds distributed through the Scholarship Committee. 

  • Norman E. and Mary-Belle Huston Scholarship - Funds provided by the family of Norman E. Huston.  Dr. Huston was a professor at the University of Wisconsin and President of ISA in 1979.
  • Bob and Mary Ives Scholarship - Funds provided by Executive Board action in honor of  Robert P. Ives, President of ISA in 2003.
  • Paros-Digiquartz Endowment - Paros-Digiquartz has donated funds to be distributed at the rate of $2,000 each year for ten years beginning in 2007.
  • Daris and Gerald Wilbanks Endowment - Provided by the ISA Birmingham Section, in honor of Gerald Wilbanks, President of ISA in 1995, and an active leader and volunteer of the Birmingham Section.
  • Richard E. "Dick" Morley Innovation Endowment - Endowment to honor Dick Morley whose breakthroughs in research and development blazed a pathway for ongoing discoveries and innovations in automation and control, computer design, artificial intelligence and factories of the future. This Endowment will be used to fund scholarships for meritoriously selected students pursuing degrees at accredited colleges and universities, preferably in technical fields related to instrumentation, systems and automation. The Endowment will support the education and R&D pursuits of the next generation of engineers and automation professionals determined to change the world for the better.