Scientists and Researchers

Automation scientists and researchers are on the leading edge of finding and inventing the breakthroughs that make this field so exciting. They are making the Internet of Things, among other ideas, a reality. Automation is the core around which the manufacturing renaissance is growing…the key to Smart Manufacturing.

Automation scientists and researchers like you work with other scientists and researchers in fields like biopharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals to create, design and operate the processes they need. You need help keeping current with the latest solutions, devices and software in the automation field.

The ISA web site pulls together the latest research from around the world in white papers and technical briefs. Also, unlike scientific journals that may contain a broad spectrum of research not directly related to automation, the ISA web site and ISA's publications, journals, books and papers focus on all the aspects of automation. This winds up saving you time because you can see the latest work in one place, The ISA web site also lets you know about conventions, conferences and meetings where you can see the absolutely newest research and interact with your peers.