Sales and Marketing Professionals

If you are a sales or marketing professional working in the automation industry, you have some specific challenges that professionals working in other industries or in consumer sales and marketing do not face.

If you are like many automation sales and marketing professionals, you may have come into your position with very limited basic training in sales and marketing. Many of you may have started as engineers and technicians, so you understand the product specifications, but you may have little knowledge of how to build a strong marketing campaign or even how to effectively use market research or public relations.

Sales and marketing professionals in automation must sell highly engineered technical products.  Sales in automation are now all about product life cycle, not "feature, function, benefit," so salespeople don't sell a simple product any more; they sell product and technology together as well as service and the ability to update. So, as sales and marketing professionals in automation, you must keep current on trends in technology, marketing, lead generation, solution selling, social media and much more. You have to do this while facing falling budgets, lack of funding or going without even a strong understanding of market research.

Sales and marketing professionals can use the ISA website as a quick and inexpensive education on marketing, sales and research from an unbiased source. ISA's Management division provides the only sales and marketing training that is specifically aimed at the automation market, and the only peer-to-peer networking you can find with your automation sales and marketing peers. Even more, ISA provides peer-to-peer networking with the end users, engineers and integrators who are purchasing what you are selling.