Plant Managers

You are responsible for your plant's performance, maintenance effectiveness and quality of production.  You are also responsible for employee issues such as retention, hiring, firing, training, and certification. You are the first and last word in the plant for safety and security at all levels, operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to connect you to the rest of your enterprise. On top of this, your desk is the final landing place for maintaining your plant's standards and benchmarks.

The ISA web site can help you keep your own standards and benchmarks current.  The site is an excellent source of information via white papers and technical articles from experts in the automation field. The information is unbiased, and produced by disinterested third parties. Some of the topics include standards like ISA88, the batch standard; ISA95, the enterprise integration standard; ISA84, the safety standard, and ISA99, the cyber security standard. Other standards include ISA50 and ISA100, the fieldbus and wireless plant networking and communications standards. ISA18 will help you raise your level of process safety by defining good alarm management and HMI design. On the ISA web site, there are books, articles and tutorials available to help you keep up to speed on these vital issues that will help you run your plant more efficiently.