Media Outlets

Media members covering automation are watching research and technology around the world. You must find the information and explain it to your audiences whether the audience consists of everyday people who work in general business or are research scientists. As members of the Media you are often under extreme time pressures so you need your information in a hurry.  Media members must have trustworthy information that can be translated quickly, too.

Where do media members like you find the most up-to-date, trustworthy information on the highly technical yet broad field of automation? Automation experts are spread around the world in a variety of commercial and academic settings so how can media members identify the right expert or experts to interview about a chosen topic? The answer to both of these questions and more is the ISA web site.

The ISA web site is one of your best sources of automation information and experts. The site features the newest and best white papers and presentations on current research and developments including standards and best practices. The site allows media members to find appropriate experts and lists of meetings and conventions where automation professionals gather to hear about and discuss automation developments and issues.