ISA Members and ISA Member Leaders 

ISA members and ISA member leaders come from different areas of automation, but they have some things in common - all have a strong interest in improving the profession, improving their skills and improving their careers. Almost all ISA members face increased pressures on their time and attention. They have more to do at their plants while working hard to stay current on their field. The lack of time and attention often defies ISA members' intentions to work with their fellow ISA members to improve the profession as a whole.

The ISA web site is a central tool to achieving all three goals. It provides technical information to help automation professionals at all levels to improve their knowledge bases. It also helps ISA members know what is happening in their profession and ISA. Members can find networking opportunities that help them know what is happening in their profession and even hear about new job opportunities. These meetings and the web site can be used together by ISA members and leadership to work together to improve the automation profession overall.

ISA members become member leaders by getting involved in sections, divisions or departments of the organization. The tools and resources leaders need are all found on the ISA web site.