Executives and Operations Managers

As an Executive and Operations Manager you face a myriad of challenges through your entire organization. You are the one who sets the standards, maintains the necessary certifications, oversees your corporate training, worries about where to get your new employees in a market shortage of capable workers, keeps an eye open for cyber security issues and even manages automation as a profit driver in an ever-changing market. In short, you have numerous issues to juggle and limited time in the day.

The ISA web site has a great deal to offer you. Let us share our decades of experience with you and your employees.

Engineering Managers—You need to know about the training and other tools the ISA has to help you. The ISA training and tools can be used by you or your staff to make you a stronger manager and your workers more effective.

Check out the ISA standards to find ways toimprove your plant and its management. They can be used in design, operations and construction as best practices and benchmarks.

Maintenance Managers—You can use the ISA web site in most of the same ways as the Executives and Operations Managers do, but there's more for you, too. You can find information here to help you with training on maintenance repair and operations, how to design and maintain final control elements and new advanced asset management and control options.

Enterprise Executives—You can learn about topics you'll need to know today and tomorrow. Our website has up-to-date information on topics such as smart manufacturing, the Internet of Things, plant optimization, supply chain management, and enterprise cyber security from the plant floor to the board room.