Whether you are a chemical engineer who is making sure that the plant's products are correctly produced, or a process engineer designing the plant process and overseeing the process analytics, or an automation (instrument and control) engineer automating production processes, or an electrical engineer making sure the pumps and other electrical equipment works, or a mechanical engineer responsible for pumps, valves and the rest of the physical plant, you will want to check the ISA web site regularly for new information that is of real value to you.

Engineers across the plant spectrum face staff cutbacks leaving them with too much to do and too little time. You need to stay current while maintaining aging plants and pushing these plants to keep up with increased corporate expectations. Odds are, everything you know about automation and controls you learned by doing with little information available in school or from other sources. The ISA web site is THE place where all the information about automation can be found.

The ISA web site offers books, classes and tutorials from the basics of instrumentation all the way up to enterprise integration. Want to know about security? It's here. Want to know about process safety? It's here.

The ISA web site offers discussions and training on everything from field devices and maintenance issues to ANSI and IEC standards and recommended practices. The site helps engineers get certification as certified technicians (CCST) or ISA Certified Automation Professionals (CAP). And here is where you will meet with your peers as you find networking opportunities like local meetings and conferences.