End User Companies 

End user companies put automation technology to work and to test every day. There is no part of manufacturing or infrastructure that can be operated to modern standards without automation. Companies like yours are always on the lookout for the newest, most effective automation technology that will increase their plant productivity and quality. End user companies face many of the same challenges as their corporate employees do. Many of their facilities are older yet required to maintain or increase throughput with less monetary and personnel support. Also, those in charge of updating the technology are responsible for staying on top of the best current and emerging technologies that will fit with their plants. Corporate managements are very much aware of the "brain drain" from retiring skilled workers and the difficulty of replacing them with much less experienced and less skilled employees.

These are huge orders for anyone, much less time-stretched managers, executives and others. ISA can be your professional "best friend." The web site makes a point of hosting informative white papers covering current research and the newest announcements from vendor companies about their new and updated technology. Also, the ISA site provides information on training and certification as well as networking opportunities.

The most important thing about the ISA web site for end users is that this is the only place you can find information that is not vendor specific. Even if authored by a vendor, ISA technical papers and books are written to non-commercial, unbiased standards. ISA standards are consensus standards, rather than proprietary ones, and are ANSI national and IEC global standards, like ISA88, the batch standard and the ISA standards for industrial fieldbus networking, enterprise integration, alarm management and cybersecurity. These standards are developed uniquely by end users, vendors, and interested third parties working together in an open process.