Automation Supplier Companies 

Your company provides automation equipment, software, and services to a wide variety of corporations around the world.  Your challenge is to keep current customers and find new ones. Your market is stretched across the world but your marketing and sales budgets are shrinking. That means you have to work smarter by stretching your sales time and sales staff time with less travel to visit individual plants and more reliance on tools like social media to keep your plant-vendor communication alive. It also means thinking and working with new communication tools.

The ISA web site is just the multi-faceted tool innovative suppliers like you can use to achieve maximum reach with minimal dollars, all while making memorable impact. Automation providers can advertise directly to their target markets. There is also the chance to post announcements about new technical and corporate developments. Vendors can also interact with ISA members and committees via white papers and ongoing discussions, and participate in standards committees. All of this means that you can let everyone in the profession know what you are offering and your breakthroughs, not just the customers who attend your User Group meetings and conferences. You can use the ISA web site for supporting or establishing your brands with their target markets. And of course, you can also see what your competitors are doing as well, and network with them in a legal and neutral setting.

The ISA web site can help vendors find local, national, and international networking opportunities, and channel partners. The web site can be for you as an automation vendor, a source of all around sales and marketing support, as well as a world-class collection of automation and control technical resources.