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    The Power Industry Division (also known as POWID) is organized within the Industry and Sciences Department of ISA. POWID is a recognized leader in developing and communicating the highest standards of information exchange, practices, environmental awareness and safety of information exchange among engineers, scientists, technicians, students/universities, and management involved in instrumentation and control relating to the production of electricity.

    The primary focal point of POWID is to advance the interests and concerns of its members. POWID promotes a highly professional, responsible image of the Power Industry through its various programs and helps its members to develop that image and to succeed in a highly competitive market.

    A POWID membership aligns your personal interests with your professional goals. You have a wealth of industry knowledge at your fingertips, and are on the cutting edge of technology and power developments. In addition, you now have the opportunity to share your experiences as well as the opportunity to learn from your peers.

    The ISA Power Industry Division is proud to offer Mr. F. Paul de Mello's Boiler Dynamics and Controls course notes as a complimentary service to power industry engineers and technicians interested in modeling and control of power plant boilers and components.

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    Get the most out of your POWID Division Membership

    POWID is one of the largest Divisions within ISA. The following are just some of the numerous benefits and professional opportunities presented by the POWID Division.

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    • Annual POWID Symposium

      This annual event has taken place for 50 years. It focuses on relevant issues and concerns of the power industry and the event features expert speakers and exhibits. In addition, as a POWID Symposium participant, you will be eligible to receive Professional Development Hours.

    • Other POWID-sponsored events

      Sharpen you leadership skills by helping to plan and conduct various annual POWID events such as meetings, luncheons, banquets and industry award ceremonies.

    • Scholarships and Awards

      POWID annually awards the Robert N. Hubby scholarship ($4,000.00) to a student currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in a Power Industry related field, and also provides awards to power plants and individuals advancing instrumentation and control within the power industry. See Important Links above for POWID Scholarship & Award Forms.

    • ISA Automation Week

      Support ISA Automation Week by submitting industry papers, reviewing papers, and developing sessions.

    • EPRI I&C Interest Group

      The EPRI I&C (Instruments and Controls) Interest Group Meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual ISA POWID Symposium. This meeting brings together industry researchers and power industry engineers, designers, and operators to discuss current research activities and future industry research needs.

    • Training

      POWID provides ISA training courses in conjunction with the Annual POWID Symposium which makes it convenient for attendees to include a training course in their plans for the week.

    • Standards

      Be part of an active group that develops power industry standards by serving on an  ISA Standards Committee.   ISA67, Nuclear Power Plant Standards, and ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standards, are two standards committees that work closely with the Power Industry Division to develop Standards and Technical Reports vital to the electric power industry.  

    • Recognition

      POWID has won ISA I&S Department's Outstanding Division Award many times including 16-years in a row from 1991 to 2007.

    • Valuable Information Resource

      As a service to its Members POWID provides:

      • Three Division newsletters per year featuring articles and papers from POWID Division Members and symposium participants.
      • Access to the POWID website which has links to industry technical papers, web seminars, and a list serve of industry peers.

    Annual POWID Conference

    The major activity for POWID is the annual spring Conference, which in 2015 will be the Division's 58th Symposium. The Symposium deals with relevant issues and concerns of the power industry.

    • POWID communicates information to its1900 members via a newsletter, What's Watt, which is mailed three times per year and our new website which was launched in 1997.
    • POWID also supports ISA's fall Automation Week conference with papers, paper reviews, and session developers.
    • POWID actively supports standards development, conducts technical training, and provides awards to power industry professionals who help advance the automation profession in the electric power industry.
    • POWID works closely with ISA Standards Committees ISA67, Nuclear Power Plant Standards, and ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standards, in developing instrumentation and control standards for power plants.



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    2015 POWID Conference

    The 58th Annual POWID Conference will be held 7-11 June 2015, in Kansas City, Missouri at the Kansas City Marriott.

    Click here for specific details for this event or contact Conference General Chair, Xinsheng Lou via email xinsheng.lou@power.alstom.com.

    We hope to see you in Kansas City!

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