• Mining Innovation - The next 5 years going as fast as the past 30 years

    ISA MMID LinkedIn post by Bas Mutsaers

    Let's strap in for the Olympic Games of Mining. "If you thought that in the last 30 years was interesting and a lot has changed you can expect about as much change just in the next 5 years ahead". Yes, we are about to go 6X faster down the digital and technology highway. If that is not enough incentive to leverage some mature standards in the process than I don't know....

    Those who are already training their innovation, technology, digital and cyber muscles will be much more prepared to keep up with their peers. Also those focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) will be happy to read that their jobs are about to get even more interesting as many new subjects will come across their virtual desks. Also those in Leadership, Change Management and Culture get ready to be in the best position coaching our industry that will really benefit from your expertise.

    As the Mining majors have a lot to lose this is going to be an interesting time. Their people just have been through significant changes and challenges and might feel they "need a rest" but frankly need to keep pushing and challenging their current processes, practices and decision tools to be in position to keep up with the juniors and new kids on the block that are in position to make changes fast(er) and natively adopt a digital enabled operating model - rather than treating digital as another "add-on" or an "afterthought".

    It will not happen this time by "just throwing money or more resources at the problem" as autonomy and automation requires a deep understanding of the complexity of the processes that need to be automated and controlled before initiating further improvements though understanding new dimensions and relationships across the value chain. With mining having many areas of variability it will be those with the best knowledge and data at their finger-tips that might go through the next round.

    Is ISA ready for taking on this challenge? Share your thoughts....


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    mining brochureThe Mining & Metals Industries Division (MMID) is one of ISA Technical Divisions. Its goal is to support and advance its members who are working and/or interested in the mining and metal industries. MMID focuses on leveraging automation functionality and technology solution to enhance mining processes and metal production.

    Who is best served by this division? Professionals concerned with economically and environmentally sound practices as related to the extraction of metal ores, coal, cement, sand, gravel, and other minerals-and the handling, separation, processing, fabrication, related processes, and research and development for the production of finished mineral or metal products. It also covers the Iron and Steel Making industry, Aluminum Processing and other light metals and the production and manufacturing of metals products.



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