• Solving the big and complex issues through Digital Leadership

    Fall 2018 Newsletter - Thoughts from Division Director, Bas Mutsaers

    There is nothing more powerful than giving people free range at solving big issues that they genuinely care about. It does not matter if this is at their own pit or plant floor or when solving greater things for our society. It is interesting to watch when teams meet and combine their ideas to challenge the status quo. From a distance one could say that there is great overlap how point solutions get applied to common problems and processes. Solutions often start to address a single issue, but wider solutions take more time and money to produce. This is the reason that typical solutions don’t integrate and interoperate too well out of the box. 

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    An NPV Justification to Implement Advanced Process Control (APC) for Ore Comminution

    Fall 2018 Newsletter - Featured Technical Article by Robert Zwick, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

    This simple NPV analysis demonstrates that perhaps one of the biggest project justifications can be often be overlooked. Namely, the improvement in MTBF where a plant can run longer between scheduled shutdowns. And the use of APC’s is a perfectly viable approach to increase MTBF’s and significantly improve overall profitability.

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  • Fall 2018 Newsletter Highlights

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    • Greetings from Division Director
      • Solving the big and complex issues through Digital Leadership
      • Connected Enterprise out of the box or reinvent the wheel?
      • Beyond the basics
      • Accelerate with caution
      • Continued investment in our standards
    • An NPV Justification to Implement Advanced Process Control (APC) for Ore Comminution
      • Background
      • Reported APC Successes in Mining and Metals (M&M)
      • How an APC Technology Project can be Justified
      • Approach in Justifying an APC Project
      • Increasing the MTBF of a SAG Mill
      • Financial Model of a Mill
      • NPV Analysis
      • Results of the NPV Analysis
      • APC's a great opportunity for the M&M Industry
    • ISA Society News from ISA President


  • Mining & Metals Industries Division

    mining brochureThe Mining & Metals Industries Division (MMID) is one of ISA Technical Divisions. Its goal is to support and advance its members who are working and/or interested in the mining and metal industries. MMID focuses on leveraging automation functionality and technology solution to enhance mining processes and metal production.

    Who is best served by this division? Professionals concerned with economically and environmentally sound practices as related to the extraction of metal ores, coal, cement, sand, gravel, and other minerals-and the handling, separation, processing, fabrication, related processes, and research and development for the production of finished mineral or metal products. It also covers the Iron and Steel Making industry, Aluminum Processing and other light metals and the production and manufacturing of metals products.



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