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    Irrespective of the industry, products made, services provided, or geographic location, management tasks are being performed everyday -- be it managing people, manufacturing, marketing or sales of products, projects, maintenance, or other business related areas.

    Management Division's mission is to:

    • Support ISA membership, from all industry segments, who are involved (or having an interest) in management as it relates to instrumentation, systems and automation assets to help them compete more effectively both professionally and personally in today's global marketplace.
    • Provide an organizational structure and environment where members can:
      • Develop their skills and knowledge.
      • Share their knowledge and experience with those currently in management or preparing for a future management role.

    Areas of division focus broadly include, but are not limited to:

    • People Management
    • International Management
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Industry Standards, Patents, Legal
    • Operational Assessment
    • Education, Training & Certification
    • Project Management
    • Maintenance Information & Management
    • Asset Management Systems & Software
    • Predictive Maintenance Techniques & Software
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Plant Modernization & Optimization
    • Manufacturing Operation Management Systems

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