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    March 2016 Director’s Message from Ruth Sikorski

    Planning for the 62nd International Instrumentation Symposium (24-26 May 2016, at the Dayton Convention Center, Dayton OH) is nearly complete.

    In an addition to the excellent technical paper sessions, 

    ISA will be offering two 8-hour short courses (Monday, 23 May)

    • Introduction to Industrial Automation Security and the ANSI/ISA-62443 Standards (IC32C) – 0.7 CEU   
    • Industrial Wireless Systems (IC85C) – 0.7 CEU 

    Each day of the main program (24-26 May) will start out with a pair of keynote addresses by acknowledged experts in their respective fields:

    • An end-user’s perspectives on the development and maintenance of complex systems by Mr. Peter Lake, the Chief Mechanic at Boeing Commercial Airplanes
    • Failure prevention solutions for industry by Prof. Jay Lee, from the University of Cincinnati
    • Mechanical seal reliability problems, their diagnosis, and elimination by Mr. Jim Netzel, the Chief Engineer of John Crane Seals
    • Human performance monitoring by Dr. Mark Derriso, the Technical Advisor in the Decision Making Division in the Human Effectiveness Directorate
    • Cyber-physical system security by LTC Mason Rice, a professor at the Air Force Institute of Technology

    Each afternoon will wrap up with a panel session.

    • 24 May:  End-users’ technology needs
    • 25 May:  Technology Solutions/successes
    • 26 May:  Summary/Discussions/Q&A

    The Wednesday Evening Event with a special guest presentation:  Naturally, no conference would be complete without an evening event, and the 62nd IIS is no exception.  On Wednesday (25 May) evening, we will convene at the Carillon Historic Brewing Company Beer Hall (http://www.carillonbrewingco.org) for an evening of conviviality, good food, and excellent beers.

    • Location: Carillon Brewing Company Beer Hall, 1000 Carillon Blvd., Dayton OH 45409
    • Date/Start time: Wednesday, 25 May; 6:00 PM
    • The special guest presentation: Machinery Failure Prevention: Building the First “Steamship” in History – Historian and author John Laurence Busch will attempt to re-calibrate your mind before showing why the proposition of making the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on a "steamship" was met with a mixture of skepticism and fear.  Then he will show how Captain Rogers addressed those fears, by designing a new kind of steam vessel, capable of overcoming the dangers of the deep.  Visit www.steamcoffin.com for more reviews and background. 

    Please go to the 62nd IIS link on this page to register and/or submit an abstract, and make plans to attend to gain knowledge in different technical sessions and to network with your fellow professionals!

    If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a presenter, reviewer, or published author for the 62nd IIS, please contact me at the information shown below.  I look forward to seeing you there!

    Visit https://www.isa.org/iis2016/

    Ruth Sikorski

    62ND IIS SYMPOSIUM Call For Papers

    Join the International Instrumentation Symposium in Spring 2016. Access the Call for Papers.


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