• September 01, 2018
  • Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

The ISA Council of Society Delegates will assemble for its annual meeting on Monday, 15 October 2018, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual Leadership Conference.

The Council of Society Delegates will consider changes to the Society's bylaws.

The Council consists of delegates represented by each ISA section (professional sections only), each having voting power determined by the number of members. In accordance with ISA Bylaws, each Section is obligated to appoint a delegate. Please ensure that your section's delegate has been appointed and able to attend the meeting.

Sections must be chartered and active effective 1 September 2018.   

The agenda and supporting documents are posted for review on the Council of Society Delegates page on the ISA website. Login required.

ISA Expo Campinas 2018

Ginásio Unisal, Rua Arthur Paioli, s/n
Campinas, SP, Brasil
Tuesday, 18 September 2018
10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

ISA Expo Campinas 2018 is the largest automation exposition and networking event in the region. More than 2,000 visitors are expected. Numerous technical presentations already scheduled.

Learn more details on this event by clicking here!

Holistic Energy Management in Manufacturing

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Saturday, 31 December 2018
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please join the ISA Maharashtra Section for a special event on Holistic Energy Management in Manufacturing. The event features noted speakers Dr. B.E Kushare and Neeraj Agarwal, and will cover topics such as:

  • Zero waste and energy optimization
  • Supply utility and per process demand
  • Practical uses and benefits to manufacturing of adaptive control system applications
  • Low-cost automation solutions for energy conservation
  • Artificial Intelligence: digital technology, measuring control, monitoring and predictive maintenance, Android base mobile app
  • Protecting the environment, saving energy, and benefiting the economy

Visit the Maharashtra website for more details!

EXPO AutomatISA 2018

EXPO AutomatISA 2018 (XII Central American Congress of Process Automation and Maintenance) is an initiative that promotes the participation of different companies in the field of automation, instrumentation, and industrial maintenance in El Salvador. The aim of the event, which was held 4-6 July at the Sheraton President Hotel, was to share experiences and highlight trends in automation in order to improve processes.

The event began Wednesday, 4 July, opening doors to the public at 3 p.m. Invited to exhibit were leading companies, such as: Kaeser Compresores, E Tech Solution, Grupo Proyect, Elektro, Domonetio (KNX), Central de Rodamientos, Mecatronica, IDSA, Matik, ESINSA, Erde Automation, Grupo Delpin, SETISA, Edukado, Autocontrol, and SALNET. Also present were representatives from the following universities:  Universidad Técnica Latinoamericana, Instituto Técnico Ricaldone, Universidad Don Bosco, Universidad Dr. Jose Matías Delgado, and Caribbean Maritime University of Kingston, Jamaica.

During the exposition, the ISA El Salvador Section's Fifth Annual Robotics Competition and the Fourth Automation Competition were held. Various tests were conducted to gauge students' technical knowledge in the areas of robotics and automation. The victors in the automation competition were Don Bosco University, Ricaldone Technical Institute, and ITCA-FEPADE. In the robotics competition, the winners were Liceo Castilla, Don Bosco University, and Ricaldone Technical Institute.

On the last day of the event, the exhibition area opened to the public and the Magisterial Conferences were held. Topics included: Industry 4.0 in productive processes; Industrial Revolution 4.0; and industrial systems and the generation of compressed air (presented by Eng. Wilian Cruz of Brazil and Eng. Miguel Godoy of Guatemala). ISA partners enjoyed free access.

Among the approximately 750 people who participated the event, 472 people were from industry, 225 were students, 14 represented educational institutions, and nine were from government institutions.  Exhibitors showcased their products and services to students, technicians, and engineers in the areas of maintenance, projects, engineering, automation, and instrumentation.

Also, for the benefit of the many engineers and technicians on hand, the ISA Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) Level 1 training course took place 2-5 July, and the Certification of Infrared Thermography course was conducted 2-6 July.

The photos below, taken during EXPO AutomatISA 2018, highlight the great turnout at opening sessions, the vendor exposition, and special presentations.

Miniesta 1.1

The ISA GH Patel College of Engineering and Technology Student Section and the Minions Robotics Club organized the Miniesta 1.1 event on 7 August 2018. The seminar was designed to improve the knowledge of the students in the field of robotics. The event was divided into morning session and afternoon session.

The morning session began with a prayer and felicitation of the event's esteemed chief guests, Dr. Vijay Makwana Sir (HOD Electrical Department) and Dr. Jatin J. Patel (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Department and Faculty Advisor, GCET ISA SB). Both guests spoke in length about the importance of robotics in industry in the upcoming years. Viraj Kathe, a member of team Minions, provided an overview of both the Minions Robotics Club and ISA. The Chairman of GCET ISA SB and Team Minions, Viraj Acharya, also provided an overview and briefed students about the work done by GCET ISA student SB and Team Minion.

Acharya discussed various kinds of defenses that can be used during a robo-war event. He explained such weapons as Rammers, blades such as 'Saw blades,' 'Spinners,' 'Thwackbot,' 'Torque Reaction,' 'Lifter,' and 'Flipper,' and armours such as 'Traditional,' 'Ablative,' and 'Reactive.' Attacking devices also were discussed. Several kinds of robots, namely 'Horizontal,' 'Vertical,' 'Drum,' and 'Crusher' were explained along with their construction. The structures of robots, such as 'SCARA,' 'Tricept,' 'Hexapud,' 'Cartesian Coordinate Robot,' and 'Cylindrical Coordinate Robot' also were covered.

The session also featured Rushvit Mistry, who discussed the various factors that need to be considered when making a robot. These include:

  • Weight classes
  • Scale factor
  • Design
  • Calculations
  • Optimization
  • Building and testing
  • Types of wheels

Students were taught about the various materials and applications that are used in building a robot.  They were shown videos of various robo-wars and trained on several defense and attack moves along with the usage of different weaponry.

The event concluded with a problem-solving session in which the various concerns and questions of students were addressed and answered.

The photos below were taken during the Miniesta 1.1 event. Addressing the large crowd of students present, experts explained how various types of robots are designed, built, and utilized.

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