ISA Standards & Practices Department announces 2017 award recipients

  • January 01, 2018
  • Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

ISA's Standards & Practices (S&P) Department annually publishes 10-15 new or revised standards and technical reports that improve the safety, cybersecurity, and efficiency of industrial processes. Each year the department's governing body, the ISA S&P Board, selects and presents department-level awards in recognition of outstanding efforts that have resulted in ISA standards, recommended practices, or technical reports, or in other significant outcomes for an ISA standards committee.

For 2017, 27 individuals were announced as award recipients by Maurice Wilkins, Ph.D., 2017-18 Vice President of ISA's S&P Department, for their excellence in standards development. (Note that photos were not available for all award recipients.)

ISA-TR18.2.7, Alarm Management When Utilizing Packaged Systems

Graham Nasby, City of Guelph Water Services, ISA18 Working Group 7 co-Chair
Joseph S. Alford, Consultant, ISA18 Working Group 7 co-Chair
John E. Bogdan, J Bogdan Consulting
Bill Hollifield, PAS Global
Darwin E. Logerot, ProSys
Leila Myers, ILS-Automation
Bob Weibel, TiPS Inc

ISA-TR84.00.08, Guidance for Application of Wireless Sensor Technology to Non-SIS Independent Protection Layers

Kevin Klein, Chevron ETC Process Automation, ISA84 Working Group 8 co-Chair
Greg LaFramboise, Consultant, ISA84 Working Group 8 co-Chair
Ted Schnaare, Emerson, ISA84 Working Group 8 co-Chair

ISA-TR84.00.09, Cybersecurity Related to the Functional Safety Lifecycle

Hal Thomas, exida, ISA84 Working Group 9 Chair    
David L. Bennett, Phillips 66
John D. Day, Air Products and Chemicals
David A. Deibert, Air Products and Chemicals
Eloise L. Roche, SIS-Tech Solutions
Nagappan Muthiah, Wood Automation and Control (In addition, Mr. Muthiah received a second award from ISA for his leadership and dedication in documenting and supporting the work of the ISA84 committee.)

ISA95, Enterprise-Control System Integration

Charlie Gifford, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC: "For outstanding leadership and technical expertise in advancing the ISA-95 series of international standards into new industries and applications"

ISA96, Valve Actuator Standards

Vincent E. Mezzano, Fluor: "For outstanding leadership and technical expertise as Chair of ISA96 in the development of a series of American National Standards and Technical Reports"

ISA-TR100.20.01, Common Network Management: Concepts and Terminology

Herman Storey, Herman Storey Consulting, ISA100 Working Group 20 co-Chair
Patrick Kinney, Kinney Consulting, ISA100 Working Group 20 co-Chair
Patricia E. Brett, Honeywell
Penny Pei Chen, Ph.D., Yokogawa

ISA-TR101.02, HMI Usability and Performance

David Board, Rockwell Automation, ISA101 Working Group 2 co-Chair
Ruth Schiedermayer, Dilling Group, Inc., ISA101 Working Group 2 co-Chair

ISA-RP105.00.01, Management of a Calibration Program for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Jim Federlein, Federlein & Associates, ISA105 Chair

Leo Staples, Automation Solutions Advisors

ISA75.10, Flexible Clamp or Pinch Valves

Andre T. "Tom" Abromaitis, Consultant, ISA75.10 Chair: "For leadership and technical expertise in the development of three ISA-75.10 standards in a three-year period"

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