ISA training coming to Northwest Pennsylvania in October

  • September 21, 2016
  • Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

The International Society of Automation (ISA) announces today that two industry organizations-the Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) and Process and Data Automation (PDA)-will co-sponsor an ISA training event in Erie, PA from 31 October through 4 November 2016.

During the weeklong training, ISA subject matter experts will teach Introduction to Industrial Processes, Measurement and Control (FG07)-fundamental industrial measurement and control training for technicians, engineers and managers that combines classroom lecture with hands-on laboratory exercises.

NWIRC-a Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center serving Northwest PA- and PDA-an industrial control systems integration firm in Erie, PA and Jamestown, NY-recognized the need for advanced manufacturing training that would be easily accessible for companies in their region.  

"NWIRC is excited to be partnering with ISA and Process and Data Automation in bringing industrial measurement and control training to Northwest Pennsylvania," says Gerry Schneggenburger, NWIRC Director of Operations. "ISA is a nationally recognized leader in automation and engineering training while PDA is a regional industrial control systems integration expert. Our collaboration will benefit local small- and medium-sized manufacturers by offering high-caliber training close to home at an affordable cost."

"Given that we provide automation system design, programming and commissioning as well as comprehensive data services, we know the importance of ongoing automation and control training for our employees," emphasizes Joe Snyder, President of Process and Data Automation. "It's a priority that our teams excel in the field and ISA has the experience and subject matter expertise in industrial automation to help us achieve that goal.

"Having ISA come to our area for training," Snyder adds, "is important because it makes it easy, convenient and cost effective for us and other local companies to send employees for this type of essential training."

Fundamental training in process control instrumentation is increasingly important in the age of industrial automation

The ISA FG07 course planned for Erie covers the fundamental knowledge and skills needed in process control, particularly in instrumentation and control (I&C).

"The fundamentals are critical to the overall understanding of process control instrumentation," asserts Chuck Kirby, a long-time instructor of the ISA FG07 course. "If you understand the fundamentals, everything else falls into place. On the other hand, without the basics, there are always holes in your overall understanding."

Kirby, who owned and operated a process control engineering company, points out that as process control becomes increasingly technical, I&C skills and knowledge become even more vital.

"Well-trained instrumentation and control technicians and technicians that understand automation will always be in demand in the industrial environment. That's why I encourage technicians to take this course."

Jerry Booher, another ISA subject matter expert who regularly teaches the FG07 course, says the training also helps engineers and managers more effectively communicate with I&C technicians and other control system professionals.

Booher recalls that "one recent course participant-an electrical engineer who found himself supervising the I&C group at a power company-pulled me aside after the week and said: 'The terminology and definition of terms you taught are invaluable. I now have a better understanding of what the technicians are doing and can understand what they are explaining to me."

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