The ISA Standards & Practices Board is seeking input

  • March 01, 2016
  • Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

The ISA Standards & Practices Board is seeking input on the possible development of a series of standards on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, per the proposed scope and purpose below. Interested individuals are asked to reply by email to Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, to indicate:

  • Would the standards as described be valuable to you in your industry/work – and if so, why?
  • Would you be willing to participate actively on the potential ISA standards committee, attending web conferences and providing input?


Develop a series of ISA standards and technical reports to improve the overall reliability of SCADA system design, installation, integration, and operation of the infrastructure for pipelines, water and wastewater, power, oil and gas, and other industries to improve the overall integrity and reliability of these systems.

Note: Existing standards address the individual components (controllers, HMI, alarming, etc.) and associated protocols (DNP, IEC 61850, etc.) that represent various aspects of SCADA systems. However, there are no documents to address the need for consistent definition and implementation of the infrastructure to connect these elements to create, operate, and maintain a SCADA system throughout its lifecycle.


The standards and technical reports will provide guidance on how to implement effective reliable SCADA systems by documenting best practices in a range of industries. The anticipated plan is to develop one or more standards to be supplemented by technical reports expanding on implementation details and industry-specific guidelines.