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ARC Advisory Group Delivers Mobile Access to Website

ARC Industry News and Intelligence Now Available from Mobile Devices - Smart Phones and Tablets

Dedham, Massachusetts; January 12, 2012:  ARC Advisory Group, the leading global research and advisory firm for manufacturing, industry, and infrastructure, announces that its website, delivering news and market intelligence, is optimized for iPhone, iPad, and other smart mobile devices.


ARC Advisory Group specializes in news, analysis, best practices, custom research, reports, and market studies.  With over 60 employees in client support and analyst roles, ARC delivers a dynamic and wide range of market intelligence through its website and client portals.  ARC is now delivering a subset of this information, formatted specifically for mobile devices.  Current information includes:

  • Market intelligence in English, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Upcoming events
  • Research report listings
  • Market study listings
  • Social media

"We have been a proponent and early adopter of leading edge technologies for many years.  Our website, customer portals, and collaboration tools are all based on Microsoft SharePoint.  This has enabled us to quickly adopt new technologies such as Mobile Entrée to deliver existing content in new formats," stated Andy Chatha, President of ARC Advisory Group.

About ARC

ARC Advisory Group is the leading global research and advisory firm delivering business intelligence, market studies, analysis services, and collaboration to excel in manufacturing, industry, and infrastructure.  ARC analysts have the process and discrete industrial automation knowledge and first-hand experience to help clients find the best answers to complex business issues facing organizations today.