Beamex executes an extensive business premise investment and expansion project in Pietarsaari

Pietarsaari December 2, 2015 — the technology company Beamex Oy Ab is implementing an extensive premise investment and expansion project in Pietarsaari, Finland. To date, Beamex has rented its premises; now, the Beamex ownership family has made an agreement with Veritas Pension Insurance, the landlord, about purchasing the premises. As a result of the deal, the premises will be owned by the Beamex family as of December 1, 2015.

In addition to buying the current premises, in December Beamex will start an extensive premises expansion project, in which the size of the premises will increase to be one and a half times the size it is now. The size of the current premises is 4,427 m2; and additional 2,743 m2 of new space will be built. The premises expansion will be completed in October next year and they will be taken into use right after.

“Our goal is to be the world’s leading company in the calibration field within five years. This means that we are targeting a significant growth in turnover every year, and we need to match it with suitable premises for our most important resource, our staff. We at Beamex strongly believe in the success of our company, and we are really taken by the fact that the Beamex ownership family also shows their own confidence in the company by investing some €8 million in Beamex's Pietarsaari premises,” says CEO Jan-Henrik Svensson proudly.

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BEAMEX develops, manufactures and markets equipment, software and systems for the calibration of process instruments, and produces services related to them. Beamex is globally among the three most significant and recognized companies in its field. Beamex is part of the Finnish Sarlin Corporation. More information on the company can be found at

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