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More than 160 plant and refinery professionals attend ISA’s Fugitive Emissions-LDAR Symposium to stay updated on government compliance regulations, and learn proven leak-prevention methodologies

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA (01 June 2015) – More than 160 plant and refinery professionals responsible for maintaining leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs and complying with government regulations to reduce air emissions attended ISA’s 15th annual Fugitive Emissions-LDAR Symposium held 19-21 May in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Attendees gathered to meet with and learn from leading air emission experts  and government regulators in the LDAR field so they could take proactive steps in preventing leaks from occurring—not just improve leak detection and repair methodologies—and fully comply with all government mandates.

Highlighting the event were an interactive panel discussion and Q-and-A session—involving officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Enforcement investigations Center (NEIC) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as well as other LDAR experts—that updated attendees on the latest compliance requirements and outlined best-practice strategies and solutions. Among the participants were two prominent regulatory authorities:

  • Jodi Howard, EPA, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS)
  • Ken Garing, EPA, NEIC

In addition to the 16 technical presentations on critical industry issues, the symposium featured:

“Innovation and collaboration was in the air at the ISA LDAR Symposium,” remarked Eric W. Allen, Engineering Operations and Innovation Leadership, at Environmental Intellect. “On the technology front, countless new cutting-edge technologies were demonstrated—technologies that will surely advance LDAR and facility operations globally. The event was a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with these new advances, and to meet the innovators who are driving the development of these technologies.”

Allen pointed out that because the event attracted such a diverse mix of industry leaders from the refining, petrochemical and biofuel industries as well as notable US regulators and policymakers, it “created a unique environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.”

Calvin Niss, Senior Vice President, Air and Process Services, Trihydro, concurred, emphasizing that “in addition to receiving the regulatory updates and perspectives from the experts, it was impressive to have so much interactive discussion and dialogue among the attendees during the event. This helped us learn from each other and become more aware—not only about the different challenges that are being faced but also about what’s working to positively address them.”

Rodney Jones, ISA LDAR event staff, says ISA’s LDAR Symposium continues to be so well supported and attended because “it focuses exclusively on helping those professionals who manage air compliance and LDAR programs achieve their goals. ISA is committed to making available the essential information and content that these professionals need to be as knowledgeable, prepared and proactive as possible.”

To learn more about ISA’s annual Fugitive Emissions-LDAR Symposium, as well as the ISA Fugitive Emissions, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Technical Interest Group, contact ISA’s Rodney Jones at +1 919-990-9418 or via email at

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