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ISA’s 14th LDAR-Fugitive Emissions Symposium releases preliminary technical program, poised for another year of record-breaking attendance

Two new symposium co-chairs announced

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA (07 April 2014) - With a dynamic agenda - evidenced by a content-rich technical program released this morning - and the proven industry experience of two new conference chairs, ISA’s 14th Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)-Fugitive Emissions Symposium is well on its way to posting yet another year of record-breaking attendance.

Already established as the air compliance industry’s premier conference for solutions in leak detection, repair and prevention, and for keeping up to date with evolving regulatory requirements, this year’s LDAR event delivers added value and provides new reasons for attending.

For instance, two of the US government’s leading cybersecurity experts will outline the increasing risks of industrial cyberattack on America’s critical infrastructure, and will explain why the implementation of the recently finalized US Cybersecurity Framework can provide a critical layer of security and protection at petrochemical and oil and gas facilities and for those in LDAR profession.

Furthermore, increased attention over the two days of the conference - to be held 19-21 May 2014 in exciting New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - will be placed on leak and emission prevention, going beyond a focus solely on leak detection and repair.

Attendees also will gain, first hand from leading experts in private industry and government, the direction and recommendations needed to establish and follow best practices and ensure regulatory compliance - now and in the future. Interactive forums and Q-and-A sessions will help industry professionals share their challenges as well as their successes. An evening reception, hosted by Avanti Environmental, and numerous social gatherings will promote networking and collaboration.

Among the many key issues to be covered during technical sessions, panel discussions, optional training courses, a technology forum, and other gatherings are:

  • Consent decrees
  • Zero-Noncompliance environment
  • Compliance sustainability
  • Streamlining LDAR compliance
  • Compliance enforcement
  • Industrial cybersecurity
  • QA/QC of LDAR data
  • Contractor reliability
  • Subpart W
  • Emerging technologies
  • Emission performance
  • Low-leak technologies
  • Records maintenance and reporting
  • NOx emissions and source monitoring
  • New EPA alerts and reporting emission regulations

A technical program featuring a slate of industry experts

While all presenters, particularly those from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not yet been confirmed, the current list of scheduled speakers (some tentatively) and presentations includes:

  • Calvin Niss, Trihydro, on “Colorado Reg 7- LDAR Monitoring Frequency and Cost Control”
  • Shane Kling, Environmental Intellect LLC, on “The P&ID Data Conundrum-Cost and LDAR Compliance Impacts”
  • Rex Moses, LDARTools, on “Harness the POWER and FLEXIBILITY in Your LDAR Program”
  • Brian Whitley, EMSI, on “Why Pay Twice? The Importance of Holding your LDAR Contractor Accountable"
  • Tanya Jackson, Avanti Environmental, on “Developing LDAR Technicians for Success”
  • Manfred Schaar, Amtec North America, on “VDI Guideline 2290-Reduction of Emissions Requirements on the Industry and Comparison to LDAR Programs”
  • Various representatives of US regulatory agencies (NEIC, EPA and TCEQ) who will participate in a panel discussion on “Perspectives on LDAR Compliance
  • Edward Naranjo, Emerson Process Management, on “Understanding Ultrasonic Gas Detection”
  • Bill Igel, AREVA, Inc., on “Improved Valve Seating Performance and Reliability”
  • John Butow, ERM, on “Is Low-Leak Value Technology Worth The Investment?”
  • Yousheng Seng and Eric Davis, Providence Photonics, on “Technical and Commercial Feasibility of the Third Generation LDAR (LDAR3) Technology”
  • Colin Scheffield and Bridget Morales, Bloc Environmental Solutions, “The FUNdamental Elements of LDAR: How to Educate your Workforce with Compliance and Safety Training" 
  • Various participants in an open forum Q&A session on “Ensuring the Safety of LDAR Technicians”
  • Dale Rice, VSP Technologies, Inc., on "Use of Gasket Parameters as a Reasonable Alternative to the Average Emission Factor Method for Estimating Fugitive Emissions for Flanged Connections"

Two new symposium co-chairs for 2014

The ISA LDAR conference committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Gobert and Donald D. (Deever) Bradley III as co-chairs of the 2014 event. Both of these acclaimed professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience along with strong industry relationships to their leadership positions.

Director of Business Development at Emission Monitoring Service, Inc. (EMSI), Gobert has successfully managed LDAR programs in the chemical and refining arenas for nearly 20 years. He has helped to set up and maintain Consent Decree programs at over 15 different facilities throughout the US, including at the ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery, ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery, Shell Refining Deer Park, Marathon Oil Company (MRD), Sinclair Oil Tulsa Refinery, Marathon Oil Robinson (IRD), Valero Memphis Refining, Sinclair Oil Wyoming, Delek Refining Tyler, TX and Navajo Refining Artesia, NM.

Bradley, a partner in the Houston office of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and the Air Quality and Climate Change Practice Leader for ERM's Southern Division, possesses more than 20 years of experience as an environmental consultant, focused primarily on air quality permitting and compliance for industrial clients throughout Texas and the Gulf Coast. As a regular presenter and trainer at LDAR conferences, Bradley has extensive knowledge of state and federal LDAR regulations and is a highly recognized subject matter expert in in virtually all areas of LDAR.

White House and Obama administration officials to speak on need to implement US cybersecurity initiative

Symposium organizers are pleased to announce that two high-ranking White House and US government officials will speak on the need to implement the recently launched US Cybersecurity Framework to improve protection of all critical infrastructure sectors, including petrochemical manufacturers and oil and gas facilities.

Scheduled to present are Adam Sedgewick, Senior Information Technology Policy Advisor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Samara Moore, Director of Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure Protection at the White House.

Sedgewick leads NIST’s efforts to facilitate the implementation of the US Cybersecurity Framework. Moore is responsible for coordinating efforts across the federal government and the private sector to meet primary cybersecurity policy objectives set by the Obama administration. 

Two valuable training courses

Attendees have the opportunity of registering for two highly popular ISA courses:

Audit-Proofing your LDAR Program (SP09PC) will be conducted on 19 May 2014. This important course will review LDAR compliance obligations under state, federal, and Consent Decree LDAR requirements. Attendees will learn advanced compliance strategies and best practices compiled from over 100 industry facilities. Frequently asked questions on LDAR compliance, a review of common LDAR audit findings, and compliance “blind spots” will be addressed.

Implementation and Maintenance of LDAR Programs for Oil and Gas Sites (SP12PC) will be conducted on 22 May 2014. This practical course is designed for LDAR coordinators or individuals responsible for the implementation and maintenance of LDAR programs at an upstream and/or midstream oil and natural gas site. Instruction will focus on definition of fundamental regulations, practical implementation strategies and quality assurance/control programs in order to appropriately comply with federal/state regulations.

The added value of The Emissions Reduction Technology Forum

As part of the symposium, an Emissions Reduction Technology Forum will be held following the completion of the technical program. Held each year, the forum provides a lively information exchange about technologies specifically intended to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. This forum, in bringing together both industry and government perspectives, will deliver valuable insights into how companies can continue to meet ever-increasing emission levels. The latest low-leak technology solutions for reducing and eliminating fugitive emissions and preventing leaks will be examined.

The latest industry solutions at the Product Showcase Exhibit

Already more than 24 leading companies in the LDAR business are scheduled to present their products and services at the symposium’s Product Showcase Exhibit. These companies include:

  • Avanti Environmental Inc.
  • ThermoScientific
  • Trihydro Corporation
  • InspectionLogic Corporation
  • EnRUD Resources
  • CB&I (former Shaw Group)
  • Guardian Compliance
  • EMSI
  • Sage Environmental
  • Summit Inspection Services, Inc.
  • Solon Manufacturing
  • LDARtools
  • A.W. Chesterton
  • Team Industrial Services
  • Garlock Sealing Technologies
  • Teadit North America
  • AP Services, Inc./Curtiss Wright
  • ISS - BEIS - Industrial Specialty Services
  • Trinity Consultants
  • IR Camera
  • A1 Tags
  • Environmental Rental
  • Guideware

Attractive sponsorship opportunities and exhibit spaces are still available. To view the exhibitor prospectus, click here. Interested companies should contact Carol Schafer at +1 919-990-9206 or

A track record of attendee satisfaction and allegiance

Below are two quotes from former symposium attendees.

“Given that we regarded last year’s ISA LDAR Symposium a complete success, all of us at EMSI Environmental are looking forward to this year’s event.  All of the speakers are very informative and the networking is great.”

Matt Gobert, ISA LDAR Co-Chair, EMSI Environmental

“The technical presentations at ISA’s LDAR Symposium are always right on the mark - relevant and stimulating. We were very happy to be a part of last year’s record-breaking turn out. We feel honored to be a sponsor for this year’s evening gathering and look forward to this year’s event. Way to go!”

Richard Stelma, Avanti Environmental

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