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    Q&A with Linh Nguyen

    Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen

    Linh Nguyen, MBA, PMP, is a Senior Project Manager at Intelligrated, a North American-based provider of intelligent automated material handling solutions for driving fulfillment productivity. In his position, Nguyen leverages his extensive experience in global program/project management, operations, design and automation engineering, and energy solutions to manage multi-million dollar projects for large ecom retail customers.

    Please provide me with some general information about yourself, such as your current ISA involvement and career position.

    I’m currently serving the first of two years as the VP for ISA District 3. I’m also a Project Management Professional (PMP) working as a Senior Project Manager at Intelligrated, an automated material handling company. Intelligrated, now part of Honeywell, delivers automation equipment, software, service, and support for optimizing operational performance.

    How and why you became interested in a career in automation? What type of educational path did you pursue?

    My interest in automation started when I was working for a HVAC company and was helping a test engineer with freezer room testing. They had a controller that was based on a PID algorithm that monitored and controlled the temperatures. I thought that was the coolest thing. I now have 20 years of experience in the controls and automation industry.

    I started my automation career as a commissioning engineer at Siemens E&A. I later migrated into software development for more challenging projects. As a software controls engineer, my projects led me into multiple industries including, material handling, mining, oil & gas, and power (fossil & nuclear).

    After many years in engineering, I decided to go into operations. This provides me with an opportunity to manage projects and ensure that the equipment I helped design operates properly in the field. In 2009, I decided to go back to school and graduated with an MBA in international business from Georgia Institute of Technology.

    Please tell us how you became involved with ISA.

    In early 2000’s I joined ISA to network with other engineers like myself and share experiences. I attended a few events at the local section early on, but not until 2010 that I got involved with volunteering. Glynn Mitchell recruited me as his Atlanta section secretary, then section VP. I took over as the Atlanta section president in 2013 and remained in that position for two years, until 2014.

    After a few years volunteering at the section level, I was recommended to run for DVP-elect. I served as the DVP-elect for ISA District 3 for 2014-2015. I’m now the VP for District 3 and also serving on the Nominating Committee representing the Geographic Assembly.

    How would you say ISA has benefited you?

    ISA has benefited me in many ways, but I think the biggest benefit is meeting and networking with other automation professionals. I know that I can walk up to any ISA member at an event and chat with them. The other benefit I get from my ISA membership is access to the vast library of standards.

    What advice would you give to other young professionals entering the automation profession?

    My advice to young professionals entering the automation professions is to join the local ISA section. If you’re a student, find out if your school has a student chapter and get involved. ISA is always looking for new leaders to step up and many veteran members are willing to mentor young professionals. Attend section events, such as the monthly dinner meetings, to network with other like-minded automation professionals.