• And the awards go to…

    …those individuals and companies making the difference in automation. 

    Automation has been called the “invisible” or “stealth” profession.  Yet automation professionals design, create, and enhance the systems that produce everything around you and that you use every day. 

    Whether it’s the process measurement or control systems that manufacture pharmaceuticals, the latest in medical robotics, or energy to power your home or car, automation professionals ensure those systems function properly.

    Let’s put the spotlight on those individuals and companies that are making our lives easier. ISA’s Honors and Awards program—Celebrating Excellence—recognizes companies and individuals, members and non-members, for their significant contributions in leadership, technical innovation, and contributions to education that have advanced the profession.

    To nominate the peer, colleague, and/or company that you believe deserves the spotlight go to the nominations page after you login at www.isa.org.

    The deadline for all nominations is 30 April 2015.