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    Q&A with Dario Mazariegos Lopez

    Dario Mazariegos Lopez is student member of ISA who has received numerous academic scholarships—including one from ISA in 2012—to fulfill his goal of becoming an automation professional.  Currently living in Portland, Oregon, he is taking classes at Portland Community College that will prepare him to transfer to Portland State University where he will work toward a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

    Dario M. Lopez

    Dario Mazariegos Lopez

    Q:  Could you provide some background on yourself?

    Well, first, I would like to thank ISA for profiling me and for giving me this opportunity.  I am the first one in my family to attend college. I have two brothers and five sisters. My two brothers, one of my sisters and I live here in the US.  My other four sisters and my mother live in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. My father passed away in 2005.

    A:  I got married in December 2012. In addition to my studies, I am currently working two part time jobs in Portland.



    Q:  Tell us about your studies in automation and engineering?

    A:  In the summer of 2012, I completed the Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) Program at Portland Community College (PCC), obtaining my Associates of Applied Science degree.

    During the 2012-2013 academic years, I was part of two leadership programs at PCC: one at the Multicultural Center (MC) and the other at The illumination Project (IP). The MC leadership program is a social justice program that promotes education equality through projects run by student leaders.  At the IP, we used interactive theater as a means to promote equality, compassion, justice, and respect for all students at PCC. My experiences in both organizations have positively impacted my life as a human being.

    At the MC, I served as a math and science tutor for my peers and I was in charge of recruiting volunteers.  In fact, for the past four years I have volunteered as a math and science tutor at the MC and Student Tutoring Center at PCC.  I feel passionate to help other students learn, believing it is a personal responsibility of mine. I want to be a force of positive change in the world for other students who want to learn.

    In 2013 and 2014, I continued to take prerequisite electrical engineering classes so that I could transfer. Originally, I was going to transfer to Oregon Institute of Technology to pursue a bachelor’s degree in EET, but I later decided to transfer to Portland State University to work toward a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.  I have already been accepted as a transfer student at PSU and will begin taking classes there in the fall of this year.

    Q:  You have received some important scholarships over the years. Can you tell us about them?

    A:  I have to give special attention first to the $2,000 scholarship award I received from the ISA scholarship foundation in 2012. This scholarship enabled me to buy the materials and books required to take the prerequisite classes required by the EET Program at Portland Community College. Thank you so much, ISA.

    Some of the other scholarships I have received included:

    • A $2,000 scholarship in 2005 from the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Oregon. Thanks to this scholarship and my savings, I enrolled in the EET Program at PCC.
    • A $2,000 scholarship in 2010 from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health. Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to come back to school and finish the EET Program at PCC.
    • A $1000 scholarship in 2013 from the PCC Multicultural Center.


    Also in 2013, I received a Cesar Chavez Distinguished Service Award for being a dedicated peer volunteer tutor in math and science at PCC, and I received a Certificate of Completion for completing the one-year Multicultural Center Leadership Program at PCC. I also received a Certificate of Completion for completing the one year IP Student Educator Program at PCC. 

    Q:  Are you excited about the future?

    A:  I am very excited about the future. I really looking forward to my studies this fall at Portland State University and gaining my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

    I would like to learn more about radio frequency, antennas and receivers. I was attracted to the electrical engineering program because I’ve always been interested in RF signals—those than humans cannot hear but transmit a great amount of information so quickly (in nanoseconds and microseconds).  I also want to take extra classes in computer programming.

    I’m also looking forward to becoming a full member in ISA in the near future.