• ISA’s website continues to improve; additional fixes planned for coming months

    ISA’s staff and vendor teams have continued to work on improvements and adjustments to the ISA website and the infrastructure behind it.

    Many critical updates and fixes have been implemented over the last six weeks, including:

    • Member’s Corner has gotten a makeover and is now My ISA. Under Membership Details, when logged in, members can view:
      • Membership information
      • Section membership information (with the ability to change Sections if desired)
      • Membership certificates and membership cards (with the ability to reprint both if desired)
      • Committee membership information
      • Ability to change your password from this page
    • The ISA Certification and Certificate Programs Directory is now available on the site – you can search for holders of ISA certifications and certificates by name or location.
    • The ISA Member Directory is now available on the website (previously, it was only available on the mobile app.) If you’re logged in and you are an ISA member in good standing, you can search the directory for fellow members. Keep in mind, ISA offers an opt-out preference if you’d like to remove your information from the directory – simply contact info@isa.org to request that opt-out.
    • Section Rosters are available for section leaders. There are many different reports to help you look at the demographics of your ISA section. Members who have opted out will show up on your rosters, but their address and email information will not.  Please note that the “old” roster server will be taken down later this week so it will not be accessible.
    • Friendly URL’s, featuring product names instead of long, difficult numbers, are now available in our online store.
    • When you’re making a purchase, you will see how much you’re saving as an ISA member. If you’re not a member, you will see how much you could save if you joined.
    • International shipping has been fixed and will give correct rates.
    • The site now integrates with Pitney Bowes, our shipping platform, making it easier and more seamless to ship out orders that are created online.

    We’ve made a lot of progress, as you can see, but we’re still hard at work on a laundry list of improvements, including:

    • Updating data – Our reports are only as good as the information we have. When we find an outdated address, we check to see if it’s an isolated incident, or if it might be something that affects multiple records. Then we work to apply an appropriate fix as quickly as possible. Please let us know if your address information is incorrect – email info@isa.org.
    • Integrating the store search into the site search – We like our new site search so much that we’re working to put it in the store.
    • Awards and Recognitions nominations and online voting capabilities
    • Opt outs in My ISA – we are working to enable you to change your opt-out preferences from your My ISA portal, rather than calling our customer service team.
    • Other fixes and upgrades – there are still some bugs running around the new site, and we’re working to isolate and fix them as quickly as possible.

    Many additional items are still in the works, but the above list is meant to give you an idea of some of the items that we expect to address in the coming weeks.

    Would you like to give us feedback on these changes or request that we add other improvements to our list? Please send us an email at info@isa.org – and thanks for your support of ISA!