• ISA standards committees to hold key meetings at upcoming technical division symposia

    Several ISA standards development committees and related technical divisions collaborate to share and optimize resources to advance their respective projects and activities. Such collaboration will be evident at two major upcoming ISA symposia for which the following standards meetings are planned.

    60th Annual ISA Analysis Division Symposium

    26-30 April 2015
    Hilton Galveston Island Resort
    Galveston, Texas, USA
    Conference website

    ISA standards committee meetings

    • ISA76, Composition Analyzers (26 April)

    • ISA108, Intelligent Device Management (27-29 April)

    58th Annual ISA Power Industry Division Symposium

    7-11 June 2015
    Kansas City Marriott Hotel
    Kansas City, Missouri, USA
    Conference website

    ISA standards committee meetings

    • ISA67.01, Transducer and Transmitter Installation for Nuclear Safety Applications (10 June)

    • ISA67.02, Instrument Sensing Line Piping and Tubing Standards for Use in Nuclear Power Plants (10 June)

    • ISA67.03, Reactor Coolant-Pressure-Boundary Leak Detection (10 June)

    • ISA77, Fossil Power Plant Standards (10 June)

    • ISA67.04, Setpoints for Safety-Related Instrumentation Used in Nuclear Power Plants (11 June)

    • ISA67.06, Performance Monitoring for Nuclear Safety-Related Instrument Channels in Nuclear Power Plants (11 June)

    • ISA67, Nuclear Power Plant Standards (11 June)

    • ISA77.13, Turbine Steam By-Pass Systems (11 June)

    • ISA77.14, Steam Turbine Controls (11 June)

    • ISA77.20, Fossil Simulators Functional Requirements (11 June)

    • ISA77.42, Feedwater Control (11 June)

    • ISA77.70, Fossil Fuel Power Plant Instrument Piping Installation (11 June)

    For more information on the symposia and standards committee meetings, visit the links above or contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, crobinson@isa.org, or by calling +1-919-990-9213.