• Have you voted?  The voting period for Members Choice Awards ends 31 May 2014!

    Vote smallThe Member’s Choice Award offers a unique opportunity for peer recognition. Unlike other ISA Honors and Awards, ISA members nominate and, by vote, select the honoree. Member’s Choice honorees are determined by votes cast by the membership.

    How the Voting Works

    It’s simple, one person one vote every 24 hours. Yes, you have the opportunity to vote once a day, every day during the voting period for your favorite candidate.

    You’ll find a list of nominees and a summary of their achievement online.
    Votes will be tallied and the nominee with the most number of votes WINS.

    A running tally of votes at the online voting site will let you know how your candidate fares compared to other nominees in that category.

    Let the voting begin!  Vote now and vote often!  The voting period will end on 31 May 2014.