ISA95 Issues First Ballot on New
    Part 6 Standard

    Following a mid-March meeting in Golden, Colorado, the ISA95 committee has issued a committee ballot on “Enterprise-Control System Integration Part 6 - Information Service Messaging Model.” This draft standard is based on the use of ISA-95 abstr - act models from the ISA-95 Parts 2, 4, and 5 standards  to define a set of services that may be used for exchanging data exchange messages in a publish/subscribe mode and a request/response mode. It defines a minimal interface subset for message exchange systems.

    Development of Part 6 follows the completion by ISA95 of two major revisions in 2013:

    • ANSI/ISA-95.00.03-2013, Part 3: Activity Models of Manufacturing Operations Management
    • ANSI/ISA-95.00.05-2013, Part 5: Business-to-Manufacturing Transactions

    For information about ISA95, contact Charley Robinson, crobinson@isa.org.