• ISA Insights
    October 2013

    New Standard Classifies Airborne Contaminant Effects on Electronic Hardware

    ANSI/ISA-71.04-2013, Environmental Conditions for Process Measurement and Control Systems: Airborne Contaminants, establishes a classification system for airborne contaminants and biological influences that may affect electronic hardware, including process measurement and control instruments, information technology, telecommunications, networking and data center equipment, and electronic office equipment. The classification system provides users and manufacturers a means of specifying the type and concentration of airborne contaminants to which a specific piece of electronic hardware may be exposed.

    The standard establishes airborne contaminant classes for fixed (non-mobile) installations during normal operation (non-emergency conditions) or during transportation and storage. Activities addressed in these environments include design, manufacturing, sales, installation, test, use, and maintenance. The classifications may also be used as a guide when establishing requirements for environmental control of buildings or other protective housings for industrial process measurement and control systems.

    The classifications pertain only to the environment external to the equipment that may affect the equipment externally or internally. The effects of environmental conditions on the safety, comfort, and performance of operating and maintenance personnel are not covered.

    For information about viewing or obtaining this standard, visit www.isa.org/findstandards, select "71" from the drop-down list and scroll down.