• ISA Insights
    May 2013

    ISA Young Innovator: Prabhu Soundarrajan

    Soundarrajan_Prabhu_lowresWhile early in his automation career, Prabhu Soundarrajan  is a well-established industrial automation executive and one of ISA's most active leaders. Director of the Chemical Petroleum Industries Division (ChemPID) and Global Director at RAE Systems, Prabhu has distinguished himself in all facets of his career.

    He has played several key technical, business, and management roles that have helped develop and commercialize over a dozen innovative products and solutions for the automation industry. His membership and involvement in ISA enable him to continually enhance his technical knowledge and leadership skills. "The professional associations and networks I developed at ISA are invaluable and play an important role in my career growth to the executive level in the automation industry. I can honestly say that ISA has made a difference in my life and career," says Prabhu.

    Through the contributions of Prabhu and other ISA volunteers, ChemPID has grown to become ISA's largest division. The ChemPID group currently has over 6,000 members. Prabhu helped revive the division's dormant status when he was appointed in 2010 as a young leader and innovator to help the division grow and expand its outreach. By spearheading newsletters, webinars, and member interaction through social media, ChemPID's energetic board is ready and willing to take chemical petroleum industry to the next level.

    Prabhu feels that ISA is a key tool to successfully participating in this growing industry,:"ISA impacts the safety and process automation industry in a very positive way. The standards development, technical papers, and content provided by ISA help engineers on a day-to-day basis solve difficult problems and find cost-effective solutions. In short, ISA is like a growing Wikipedia for the automation industry."

    Prabhu invites other young engineers and automation professionals to take advantage of ISA membership: "Young engineers should get involved early in ISA to network and grow in their careers. A 9-to-5 job can only provide limited career enhancement; itis organizations like ISA that helps develop future leaders."

    "If you like my story, contact me or other ISA professionals. We will help you advance in your career.  Come join and grow with ISA. Learn from the best to become the best."