• Insights December 2013

    ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute

    Globalization of the ISA100 Wireless Standard

    As 2013 comes to a close, the ISA100 Wireless™ standard (ISA100.11a-2011) took a significant step towards internationalization.  ISA-100.11a-2011, "Wireless Systems for Industrial Automation: Process Control and Related Applications," has received approval from all 21 participating National Committees of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that voted on the IEC 62734 version in a recently completed Committee Draft for Vote (CDV) stage. The standard, expected to be issued in early 2014 for a final IEC approval stage in which no technical comments may be submitted, will carry the designation IEC 62734 upon publication.

    Global interest in the ISA100 Wireless has been evidenced by the addition of supplier companies seeking membership and adoption of ISA100 Wireless in their product portfolios.  Recent supplier company additions include Spirax Sarco and Armstrong International who offer products and services for steam systems.  Other new supplier members include New Cosmos and Crack Semiconductor.

    Asset-owner interest is evidenced by the addition of Aramco Services in Q4 2013 as a non-supplier ISA100 WCI member. This year, ISA100 WCI set out to improve the technical support ecosystem for suppliers desiring to establish wireless product offerings based on ISA100 Wireless technology.  The introduction of CDS, R3 Sensors, BeamLogic, and Centero to ISA100 WCI members contributed to the technical support initiative.  In an effort to broaden support for new entrants to ISA100 Wireless, Yokogawa has developed an integrated ISA100 Wireless communication module/antenna that is designed as a one-step conversion offering, supporting the 'Wireless Anywhere' concept.  The Yokogawa product has the radio certifications and enclosure certifications for over 100 countries and is already promoting it to ISA100 WCI supplier members.

    Nivis, the primary ISA100 Wireless stack supplier, made two significant changes in their business model in 2013.  First, Nivis offers an open source version of the ISA100 Wireless protocol stack under the GNU licensing model.  Secondly, Nivis established a channel reseller distribution model for sales and technical support with the goal of establishing 25 regional resellers around the globe.  Centero and CDS are the first two Nivis resellers.  Centero is the authorized channel distributor for Nivis communication modules, gateways, and related products for the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions, providing engineering services and product support for the same.

    As a growing member in the industrial controls community, ISA100 WCI works hard to foster relationships with other relevant industry organizations.  ISA100 WCI has collaborations with FDT, developing a DTM annex for ISA100 Wireless and with Fieldbus Foundation, developing an ISA100 Wireless transducer block to enable ROM devices to communicate with ISA100 Wireless instruments.

    ISA Automation Week

    ISA100 WCI continues to develop enabling technologies for ISA100 Wireless, such as the infra-red provisioning specification for field devices.  In addition, ISA100 WCI is updating the conformance certification specification and test technology to align with new requirements in the IEC 62734 standard.

    Presentations mentioned in this article and additional information about ISA100 Wireless can be found at www.isa100wci.org.